is CHCH Doomed?

Dube jumps CHCH ship

There's another shakeup at Hamilton's CHCH News.

Michelle Dube, co-anchor of the beleaguered TV station's evening news, has left the station four months after assuming the job with co-anchor Nick Dixon.

Her final appearance was Friday night. She is not expected to be replaced.

I think we are going lose CH forever... Thanks Canwest..
Oh by the The Bombers will soon Owned by the Head of Canwest
Another to hate the Peg.

It sure is sad to see what is happening at Ch Tv. I feel particularly bad for Maria Hayes and Scott Urquart who are married (to each other) and have children. I’m sure it would cause problems if these two fine local celebrities lost their jobs.

I’m certain that Matt Hayes, Maria’s brother, will be fine, regardless of the Can West demise. He is probably the biggest celebrity in the area and already has a job at a radio station.

Michelle Dube (IMO) made a good move, even though a last minute miracle might save our TV station. She is only 24 years of age and needs assurances now, to get her career under way. She’ll likely get those assurances at CTV. I’d say she has a bright career ahead and she’ll be missed in Hamilton.

Can “Waste” must have done a lot of things wrong to get into this predicament.

Well, the good thing is that they've all had months of warning to apply for other jobs. That's something most don't get these days.

I would definitely say CHCH is doomed. But I wouldn't be suprised to see the city bring up another local news station a few years from now. We take for granted what we have until it's gone.

It a shame where going to lose our Local News like Wingham and many others.
The CRTC is at Fault ... If they allow the stations to add just $3.00 a month to local Cable bill.
we could save CH.

Why should I pay $3 a month to bail out a company which has made business decisions which make the guys at Chrysler look like geniuses? We should run Canwest out of town, their product is crap anyway. Once they are gone a community initiative can be developed which will create a truly local station that we can be proud of, like CHCH was in the "old" days.

funny how the owners of canwest can afford 100 million for the winnipeg blue bombers and stadium and not their tv stations

It's a business, you do what you want to do when you own a business, close this aspect, invest in that one, for whatever reason. It's called the free market, not the ethical market. Just the way it is. Not saying investing in a stadium is any more unethical than closing TV stations but I don't think it's that easy to say one is right and the other is wrong. That is all just opinion. Choices, we all have to make them and often there are people who gain and others that lose out. It sucks though, that much I'll agree with, if you're on the losing end.

CH CH is a Canadian institution!

I say good riddance to Global.
Its been a waste of a "network" ever since it began. It has essentially been a US network with local news included which was nothing more than a token nod to the CRTC to keep their licence. It has only been lately that some genuine Canadian produced programs were introduced.
The sad part is that TV stations like CHCH and CKNX in Wingham which once served their communities well, became part of the Global mess and ended up being third rate. This is no reflection on the efforts of the people who worked at Global. The Aspers leveraged their TV stations for every buck they could get to invest in other things. When the economy tanked temporarily last fall the whole Global house of cards came tumbling down.
Kudo's to those employees who wanted to replace it with a community channel but the economics of TV broadcasting could make the project very difficult.
I hope CHCH can survive in some form and return to the mandate it had when I started watching it in 1961. However that has to be tempered with the reality that it is now just about impossible to survive as an independent TV station. never know who is in the wings waiting for CanWest Global to go bankrupt.

I didn't think I would ever see the town of Wingham mentioned on the CFL forum........:slight_smile:

You mean there hasn't been a thread about expansion of the CFL to Wingham?

Madjack, wait for it....

We use to go to Wingham for Vacation as Kid .. My Dad had Friend who Ran Huge Dairy Farm
need the Extaa Help I use Drive the Tractor.. with Old West who 75 on back .

The programming is terrible. The have cut back on the local news and it's not very good to being with. So yes, CHCH is doomed. Michelle was smart and got off the sinking ship.

Who knows what's in the future.

ARen't Wigham and Blythe the "Crop Touring' Co-Capitals of Ontario? Or am I thinking of Petrolia and Brigden?

Shedden is the rhubarb capital of Ontario.................

Sigh..the things that get discussed on the TI-Cat forum....slodrive, I think you are right regarding Wingham & Blyth actually & good imput Madjack regarding Sheddon...

About CHCH (original topic), I have fond memories of watching the likes of Dick Beddoes & watching Maple Leaf Wrestling when I was a teen in the 80's. I hope it survives.

?I remember Party Game, Oceans Alive (Tom Cherrington narrating), New Faces (with Dan
McLean), Tiny Talent Time, House of Frightenstien, Don Cherry’s Grapevine, University Games
of the Week (often football), Midday, Maple Leaf Wrestling. I could go on. All great CHCH programming with local connections. Too bad we lost that type of programming. What happened? I would like to see more of this type of format again. These current entertainment shows are brutal to watch.

.......and Joe Crysdale calling Junior B hockey games.