Is Charlie a fool?

With all the talk surrounding who would start at QB I was surprised to see Maas walk on to the field. I was annoyed and yelled for him to 'sit back down' from my seat in section 8. With all of the hype about Chang going to Coach and saying he would like to start I thought for sure we would see Timmy.

But Maas started and he was doing ok. He was running the ball and taking big hits. He scored our first touchdown of the year. And then the big interception in the endzone. I watched him go over to Coach T have a little conversation and then he threw his helment into the bench. Timmy went in scored a touchdown made some nice drives, but in the end didn't get it done.

What is Coach T doing? I don't support Maas as a starter at all, but man, Charlie is playing head games with these poor guys. How is the offence going to gel if QBs keep getting yanked.

Does Charlie know what he's doing? I'm starting to wonder about this guy. Is anyone else getting that feeling?

Yes he does. No I am not.

No he dosen't! Yes I am!

No he doesn't, he has no clue. He is one of the problems as well.

I feel the same way...........and so do a few more in my Box!!!!!

Hope we are wrong!!!!!!!!!!


If Maas was pissed because he got yanked after not looking of the safety and throwing a pick just when we started to get some momentum, then Coach Taffe is doing the right thing.

Nothing like a kick in the but when you make a rookie mistake. Maas will have to get better if he wants to secure his job. Chang needs some playing time to be able to learn and realize his potential. He may not be ready to start just yet, but if both these guys are pushed by the coach to get better, it can only provide good results.


Neither one of these guys has established themselves as #1.

In the past we stuck with the same guy at #1 and everyone screamed for some sort of system where the best QB plays... well we dont know who that is right now do we? I certainly dont. Chang threw one good ball, thats it. He didnt come in and win us the game although he had THREE chances to lead the game winning drive.

Im really excited to see Timmy Chang lead this team but lets face it, Charlie is giving both guys a chance to win the starting job based on game performance and right now Timmy isnt doing enough to come in an earn it. 3 games he's come in and 3 times hes been average.

Maas played well last night, was efficient and didnt make many mistakes, when he did? He got pulled... isnt that the point?

We platoon running backs, DLinemen, OLinemen, DB's, Safeties, LB's and Receivers, but when we do it at QB we're playing with their heads? The coach is clueless?

Come on guys. All he's doing is letting both of them know that if they dont perform, they're coming out.... LIKE EVERY OTHER PLAYER ON THAT FIELD.

I wish we till had Marshall

Well he did take the coaching job here so that might prove that he is a fool. :wink: Coaching in Hamilton is one of the 3 worst jobs in the world.

I have confidence that Charlie knows what he's doing and I love it that he doesn't take crap from anyone.

The other 2 being Punter/Kicker and Quarterback in Hamilton (in no particular order)...

LMAO!!! HOw did you know??

Amen sister! Nice to see some logical words for a change.

Charlie will give us a better year than last year. Thats all any of us can really hope for at this point and team situation.

Anyone who expects a team full of rookies to play like one full of vets.. well.. you're a fool.

Hey I never once knew a FOOL that could lead a team to the grey cup.....hmmmm

Don Matthews.