Is Chapdelaine the problem in BC????

Poor quarterbacking aside, Jacques Chapdelaine, the Offensive Co-ordinator with the Leos has done a lousy job calling the plays in my humble opinion. Look at all the talent on the Leos offensive roster. Chapdelaine did a lousy job with the Esks last year too!! Is he the problem???????????????????????? :twisted:

Its a QB league and Jarius has been awful.

The Lions are hindered this year by the lack of a #1 quarterback. Pierce and Jackson are career backups, and have both done remarkably well in that role. But they can't do the job of a competent starter. Problem is, the guy who used to rectify those situations is now with the Tiger-cats.

Chapdelaine actually didn't do a bad job with the Esks last year: he took over a team that had missed the playoffs, and lost his starting QB for a big chunk of the season. Hard to find an offensive coordinator who would get to the post-season under those circumstances. He was made the goat -- thrown to the Lions, if you prefer -- to save the skin of the guy who is responsible for Edmonton's downfall: DM!

Good points Big Dave. QB's have to execute and the rest of the offensive players do too. I forgot Ray missed some games last year.

Chapdelaine isn't the O.C. for the lions, he's the receiver coach. I don't know why you would blame him the what is happening with the lions. I don't think there should be too much worry about the lions at this point, in previous years they have started fast and ended on a wimper - maybe starting slow this year will mean they will end stronger then years past.

chapdelaine is a joke. always has been. who the hell calls running plays on 2nd an 1 three times in a row? ever heard of play action? mix it up.

his play calling is awful.

The mix-n-match O-line the Lions have right now isn't giving JJ (or BP for that matter) time to do anything, not to mention the fact that the running game is virtually non-existant as well due to the poor blocking up front. Once Murphy, Rasouli, & Jiminez get 100% back and are at full strength, I think the Lions will hit their stride...

That being said, I must admit that even though I am a Lions fan, I have NEVER been enamored with Wally and his coaching style. I know, I know, you can't argue with the wins and losses, but sometimes I wonder if his abrasive style has caused his team to tune out at times.

He might be abrasive, but he needed to tell a few people to smarten up last night I think.

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Is this an AOL chat room?

Disclaimer: BC fans are not 10 years old and retarded. Most of us can also spell and write coherently, unlike this clown.

I don't think Chappy is the problem.

Don't get me wrong, I've never liked him. When he was actually playing, he dropped an easy catch late in the game in the 1983 Grey Cup, and cost us the game. I've never forgiven him for that.

The problem lies with the QBs. Jarious sucks. Buck could be great QB if he gets some real playtime. Problem is, everytime he gets a head of steam up, he gets hammered because our O-line crumbles, and reinjures his shoulder. He should still have started the Sask game, he was a little sore but still ready to play. Playing ping pong with the starter is doing nothing for his confidence.

For the record, I'm not Turkey's Sheep. That's some other jerk.

I'm not a Chapdelaine fan either, but my question was....While Jackson struggled in the first quarter, why not use Joe Smith more?

LOL Sheep! luv the humour! this place needs sum! Chap is like jariuos the facial expression never changes! seriously they did win with him but it is a new season and not sure who he favour bucky or JJ that may be an issue?

Sorry but Turkeyhumper thats good! LOL

Do not know about you but that is not much better using the word highlighted.

Don't see how Chapdelaine can be the problem when he's only coaching the receivers. It looks like a quarterback problem first, a scheme problem second (where's Joe Smith?), and a desire problem third (this isn't the same hungry Lions team I'm used to seeing).

According to TSN..Joe Smith has shoulder problems, and will not be making the trip to Winnipeg. Murphy is still with his wife, who just gave birth to triplets, and Jimminez's wife is due any day. Hmmm, that could be the reason...
Question: Just who is the QB coach, and OC in BC?

Steff Kruck is the QB coach and Dan Dorazio is the OC (and O-line coach), both were the co-offensive coordinators last year

Why does TSN focus on Chapdelaine so much? I think we all thought he was the offensive coordinator, and if I'm not mistaken they've even called him that a couple of times.

Is Dorazio too ugly to show on camera or something?