Is dead?


I hadn’t visited in a while, and when I went back looking for Grey Cup stuff, I noticed it was all old stuff up on the site. Even had a button for 104th Grey Cups merch in the banner.

When did this happen? Where is the best place to get CFL merch now?

I always wanted CFL gloves - the type the players wear that, when you combine both, they form a logo. Could NEVER find them.

For general Grey Cup merchandise, I've just looked at the RedBlacks shop and presumably next year's will be Edmonton's shop.

Haven't been on the cfl shop for a while but strange they don't have this year's CG items. had a notice it was shutting down.
Campus crew has stuff in store( maybe online too) also has CFL stuff, not a lot, but some. Surprised by that.

Not surprised the CFL shop is caput . The inventory was staggered and some teams had nothing to purchase . The teams can do a better job .

My suggestion would be for items like Grey Cup or CFL league items that are not specific team items be given a location to purchase by another banner from the drop down from the shop heading on .

That gives the consumer a list of locations league items can be purchased like Grey Cup gear and CFL themed T -shirts .

Too bad but most of the stuff was not something I'd want / disappointing.

Hopefully this is something Ambrosie and the teams will revisit. He spoke of the league selling tickets along with the teams, and there's no reason why the league can't be more successful selling merchandise alongside the teams as well, if the current silo structures separating each of the teams are removed and more info is shared laterally across the league.

I have seriously entertained the idea of making my own CFL t-shirt using an on-line service, or a local shop. I just can't seem to find anything I want otherwise. I made a one-off t-shirt for the Carleton Ravens long before they had anything available.

I have also long wanted a very tasteful CFL coat or jacket that I could wear to various events without being overly conspicuous.

Me, too.

Why don’t you just purchase a jacket you really like and have the CFL logo affixed to it? May be awhile yet before the CFL gets around to it.

Where would one get an appropriate CFL logo to affix?

Any silkscreening place can print it (or whatever the term is called) onto the jacket you order from them or provide them. As long as the logo has the little R adjacent and in the right place showing it’s a registered trademark

Pretty sad that you can’t buy CFL merchandise from the CFL website. Talk about sending a bush league message. Have a big flashy web store, list every product sold with CFL on it, and if you don’t stock it, then have it drop shipped from the supplier or team website. Create an on-line professional image. That is the way many large on-line retailers work.

I would have a wether-tech Argo’s step hitch adapter for truck years ago, had I known the made them. I was on their website and stumbled on to them looking for a replacement part. I found neat Argo’s mini carpets for children’s room for a great price stumbling around the wal-mart website looking for a unique cfl lightbulb.

That would be fine for a silk screened t-shirt, and something I have already mentioned doing, but terrible for a jacket or coat that requires not a printed logo, but an actual sewn crest.

This is exactly correct and precisely what should be done.

Ummm, no, they can't legally do that. Neither you nor the printing shop have rights to reproduce that trademarked image on a product. That's the whole point of the "R" - to make you buy stuff from the trademark holder or their licensed supplies.

The people who work for the League have the best duds. A few years back there was CFL logo merchandise available through the online store. It was possible to buy black nylon officials' jackets with the half-maple leaf logo on the breast. Also there was a Roger Edwards "old school" retro jacket with black vest and white leather sleeves, and a retro CFL logo on the chest. Both jackets had matching toque/ball caps to go with each. Most recently, there were toques and "Hustle" and "Drive" ball caps with the hideous new League logo upon. That was from the "This is what we're made of" initiative under Jeffrey Orridge.

But if you want League swag, contact the League office directly. Maybe someone will give you what you want, just for the asking. The CFL is great that way, fiscally irresponsible.