Is CFL on US tv taken from a TSN/CBC broadcast or...

Is CFL on US tv taken from a TSN/CBC broadcast or are there different commentators? If different, how are the commentators. If TSN/CBC, do they show the half time show as well?


both are good in their own way.

Both TSN and CBC are broadcasted in the US by varities challers on different days.

Sounds like all the Soccer and Rugby games that we get on sports channels here when there’s nothing else for them to show.

Got the game on New England Sports Network, and it the same coverage TSN. They have a Canadian accent. You kow eehh. Thank the orga-ni-zation. Yeah whats with the way you people pronounce that. Its all one word

Well, Im not so sure about that one.
I have been accused of pronouncing the word “out” as “oot” a few times.

Listen carefully “OUT”
I “was out and about” not “oot and aboot” :wink:

Well pete many Canadians may not think they have an accent (why would they they live there) but many americans don’t think they have accents either. And trust me…many of us DO!

Just go anywhere in the South…Brooklyn New York…Hoboken New Jersey…Maine…Vermont…Even Buffalo N.Y. has a distinct accent.

And yes…the CFL broadcasts that you enjoy are coming from either TSN or CBC and are just “Fed” through networks down here such as MSG…NESN…COMCAST…I don’t know about “America One” because I don’t have it. But that’s how it’s usually done. There are no US networks that give the CFL any respect anyway so they don’t have crews up there.

Besides I prefer the Canadian networks broadcasting their game with Canadian announcers.


There’s just something about Canadian broadcasting. It just seems that much better. :slight_smile: