Is CFL A Sport Or a TV Show?

I never understand why when a CFL game isn't a 50-39 shootout that the main story is what a lousy game it was. Not that so and so won, or that so and so's defence played great. Its the fact the game wasn't entertaining enough for the fans.

I think the reason this happens is because there's not many real football knowledgable writers in the media. They don't understand the finer points of the game. So a defensive battle doesn't interest them.

So the ARgos game tonight was a barn burner. I don't ever hear critiques of the entertainment value of a Blue Jays game. Those who want wild endings every game aren't sports fans. Because sports doesn't work that way.

I guess it makes a difference if it was a low scoring game because of great plays by both defenses, or because of constant screwups all round.

Is berezin99 a person or a poster?


CFL is a league
Football is a sport
CFL football is a game
CFL football on tv is a tv show.

CFL is a sport, which is televised, to bring us entertainment. If you're a fan of the 2 teams playing it may be entertaining, but for the most part barring some really fantastic defensive plays most low scoring games aren't as entertaining as the high scoring one's.

If the CFL wasn't entertaining it wouldn't still be around.

Of course the CFL is about entertainment, but too much of a good thing can get boring.
If you get a last minute miracle come back every game, it becomes passe.
This game was a change of pace.
I'm sure ARgos fans enjoyed it.
Maybe not all sports fans did.
But thats sports.
Not every game is going to be a Monet.
Which is why when you get a MOnet, you enjoy it more.