Is CBC using that SkyCam for Grey Cup?

I thought it was cool last year.

Hope so!!

So do I.

It was great last year!

Yes, ditto for me.

Would be awesome if they did, but can Cannad Inns (sp?) support it?

I understand the CableCam system is supported by 4 cables anchored at the corner extremities of the stadium. Winches & some whacky engineering control systems provide for complete 3D freedom over the field.

CanadInns could do this so long as there was 4 supports at placed to support the cable & winching system in either the corners or at midfield & the endzones. I know for Grey Cup, the CFL usually rents extra boomed lights to illuminate darker areas of the field, namely the endzones at open stadia like CanadInns. I dont see why such boomed lighting systems couldn't be adapted for use with the CableCam.

Consider the CableCam has also been used at PGA events & races. It should be usable for GC06

Anyone know if they are doing a DVD for this years GC? I have one for the 2004 GC in Ottawa, great, and as well I have a CFL Traditions DVD which has some excellent historical footage. One for each team but the historical part for the league is the same on each DVD.

They (the CFL) should set up that system at every stadium in the league, it is a great system, and would make for much more exciting football all year long.

Does the camera work at 40 below tempratures? :lol: :lol:

well we will have to find out come the 19th. LOL. i liked the system last year and hope that they will do it again.

CBC is using the skycam for the GC, just read this in The Globe.