Is Cato back?


On va le savoir demain. Il est en Floride pour régler des questions familiales.

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS
Rakeem Cato (family emergency) isn't back in town. Tanner Marsh will start. Cato could still get some playing time.

Quelqu'un a signalé hier que «il» serait de retour aujourd'hui. Avec le match contre av demain , on pourrait penser qu'il serait ici aujourd'hui. Y at-il plus à ce que ce qui est rapporté ? Quelles sont précisément les « affaires de famille »?

Jim mentionned that he may or may not be back in time for the game but they were hopeful.

Personal means personal.

Je ne mêlerai pas de la vie privée de Cato. Cette sphère de sa vie lui appartient et je ne lui tiendrai pas rigueur de ne la pas partager avec les supporteurs. Cato est l'aîné d'une famille orpheline de 7 enfants, et a lui-même sa jeune famille. Je peux facilement concevoir qu'il ait des devoirs à assumer envers les siens qui le feront manquer une partie ici et là sans avoir besoin de connaître les détails.

What's the latest?

Nothing. He's obviously not playing tonight -- the depth chart is up and it's Marsh-Bridge-Boone. I just hope that Cato's personal situation is more stable now. Don't want to pry, but this young man doesn't deserve more adversity. Best wishes, Rakeem.

We did have the defense to beat the TiCats thus I believe we have the defense to stop BC. I gather Marsh will be starting. He has not the passing skill of Cato but he did manage a decent second half of the last game. I think a ground attack is required, with Giguere’s sweeps and Rutley and/or Sutton’s running combined with Marsh passing and, using play action, we just might achieve success this evening.

Randy Tieman on CTV Montreal tonight at 6:45 reported Cato was still back home dealing with a personal matter.

Not yet, even though Popp had said he`d be back Friday.

John Lu ?@JohnLuTSNMtl 13m13 minutes ago
#Alouettes Cato is not at practice -- he team's first after the bye. Update afterward. Marsh and Crompton are alternating reps at skelly.

[i]Alright, Johnny is officially worried! His absence sounded suspicious from the beginning. Maybe he has an urgent family matter to deal with. If that explains his absence, of course it is understandable and Johnny doesn't blame him.

Johnny hopes he is not having second thoughts about playing football. He took a ton of hits in Schonert's crappy offence. Maybe he is sick of being a piniata?[/i]

John Lu ?@JohnLuTSNMtl 4m4 minutes ago
#Alouettes Cato is questionable next week vs. Wpg. He remains in Miami dealing with fallout from a car accident involving family members.

Cant judge an individual when youre not in their shoes. Family has to take precedence over football.

But the thought of a Marsh/Crompton combo certainly doesn`t inspire playoff confidence.

I would definitely be more confident if Crompton was starting in place of/rather than Marsh.


4 interceptions instead of 5 maybe.

And I guess they feel that Bridge isn`t quite ready.

Yup. Marsh or Crompton, we are screwed either way. If that is the case, dress both Rutley and Sutton and hope we can run the ball 35 times in the game. Don't put the game in Crompton or Marsh's hands.

Very depressing to see that Cato likely won't be starting next game. I hope his family is OK and wishing him all the best.

And now, back to (sigh) Marsh or Crompton...

Crompton guided the team to victories in the second half of last year. He HAS been QB on a winning team. Marsh showed in the last game that he could not generate even 1 TD while QB. He is not beeen a winner to date. I would, at least in practice suggest that Bridge be helped through reps ( at lease in practice ) at 3/1 situations. He's young and well over 6 feet and around 230 lbs. I would tend to see Bridge as a future candidate while Marsh is in his 3rd year at QB. He has 2.5 years on the team. The more he plays, I believe this will just reinforce to opinion that he has " had my chance and failed".

There is no way I want to trust Bridge on short yardage given the abominable mess he made of that job in the first part of the season. You have to earn those opportunities and Bridge did not earn it. He didn't show the willingnes to get his hands dirty in the trenches. Marsh isn't a starter but he's great at running the short-yardage packages and option run plays. So let him keep doing that. I agree with Niagara that Crompton, at least, has shown the ability to win games for us in the past. Hopefully he shows better in our offense now that Schonert's gone and his old OC (Dinwiddie) is sharing duties with AC.