Is Casey Printers on the verge of the end?

Just spent this morning watching the NFL Network and 'Hard Knocks', showing last years preseason for the KC Chiefs. Its hard to believe how far Casey has fallen.

As a Lions fan, I felt Casey made a mistake leaving right away. He could have stuck it out and refined his skills under Wally's expertise, such as Garcia did. Leaving so soon destined him for a return to the CFL, just like Ricky Ray. Now he's performing much like Burris did upon his return. Henry was lucky enough to get another shot with the Stamps and he did bounce back.

However, Casey isn't as likeable as Smilin Hank. Thus, his shot at another chance is slim. Casey plays the blame game, saying he has no game breaker receiver. By the end of his time with the Leos, it was clear he was more about Casey than the team, and it looks like the same path is being trodden now in Hamilton. I'd like to be wrong and see him play well - the CFL needs a better team in Steeltown - but I cant see it occurring for Casey or Taffe. My prediction is they'll both be gone before the 2009 season. Jeese Lumsden may also miss next year due to his heart transplant operation.

Anyone out there see it differently?

I was agreeing with your post up until the Comment regarding Lumsden - not even the slightest bit funny - went from a decent post to a troll in a hurry

Sorry. Whether he likes it or not, Glass Tiger and comments like mine are going to dog him until he shows differently. Jesse has proven 2 things so far ... 1. he can play 2. he cant play every game. With what I saw this week, its beginning to border on "he WONT play every week".

After hearing it all week, to go out with a ankle that looked to be not too bad on the sideline will start to question heart as well as being injury prone. I hope I'm wrong again, as I'd like to see the Canadian kid shine EVERY week.

Back to Casey, I hope he's realizing that its time to make plays or begin career planning.

If he wants to continue crying that its those around him who make him look bad while the backup comes in and throws for more yards, then I'll remind him of Ray Farmers famous words ..... "If you want to be the starter, then you better start making CHICKEN SALAD OUT OF CHICKEN SH*T". :lol: :lol:

What ever - call him what you wish. In the last month the CFL has lost 2 figures to sudden Heart Attacks. I would have stuck with Glass Tiger or something along those lines.


Please, dont take that comment for anything more than it was .... a shot at his willingness to play while hurt. To insinuate anything as mean-spirited as what you just insinuated is WAY off course.

Stick to the topic and spare me the politically correct guilt trip. I'd never in my life say anything to disparage the character men that Leif and Bob were.

Disagree if you want, but dont try to shut me up by painting me as a jerk. Try using arguments and points with validity instead!

I hate political correctness with a passion, but sorry dirty I'm with nythril on this one. Maybe it's just timing but your remark was in bad taste.

Just my opinion.

I understand and appreciate the intent of the comment, but I'm with was ill-timed, imo.

time to say oops.

Clearly you didnt have bob and leif on your mind when you posted, or hopefully you would have reconsidered. To be honest, I wasnt offended at first because I didnt think of Bob or Leif when I read it, but now that it has been broughtup, I would change that comment if it was me.

Well if he didn't mean it, and you didn't initially draw the parallel, why blame the writer on account of SOMEONE ELSE'S interpretation?

don't get your undies in a bunch. The original post made no mention of lumsden until the last sentence where he referred to a heart transplant. Grow up Dirtythirty no one was trying to silence you are shut you up. Your post as written gives the impression that Lumsden has heart troubles. There was no mention of his play or glass tiger until later. God one can't even point out the obvious on this site without having folks go over the deep end. If we were at a bar I could have said " oh lumsden has heart problems? " and you could have clarified what you meant. I googled lumsden just to make sure that I didn't miss something before I posted.

SOOOO sorry if i offended anyone. Honestly, to connect the comment to anything other than its intended use is bogus. If anyone's played football or been around the game they know that heart comments are all about willingness to play and NOT someones actual heart! OOPS! I said "heart" again. My bad.

My coach constantly told us if we had a booboo that it was a long way from our heart. OOPS! It was his way of saying suck it up!

IMHO, its a sad day when a comment can be twisted out of context so that a person feels forced to be quiet. Sorry people, but I'm not about to recant for you softies. SUCK IT UP! OOPS! Somebody probably just died from throat cancer so someone else is probably offended. I can completely understand the connection.

Perhaps the moderators should provide a list of all the football sayings that could possibly offend someone here? Long bomb? Bombs kill people! Run over? Children get run over! Blindside hit? Hey, my uncles blind! Earhole? My other uncle is deaf!


You guys are RIDICULOUS!


um no - if you said Lumsden plays without heart I would have understood your train of thought. You simply said he would miss a year due to a heart transplant. Given 2 recent Heart related deaths in the league anyone could be forgiven for not following the train of though especially without further information.

If you mean he plays without heart - then say it like that and everyone will get ya - some ticats fans may hold you to your words but thats a different issue lol

I didnt cast any "blame", or even criticism. I said he made a very human oops, and why not change it so it doesnt offend. He can make his same point in many other ways.

In all of life, if little things offend someone, and it doesnt hurt you to make it not offend, then it become a minus on you if you refuse to do so.

that heart comments are all about willingness to play and NOT someones actual heart!
not an oops anymore.

You clearly said heart transplant. Thats not about willingness to play. Why not man up and say oops instead of painting yourself into a corner with BS defense.

All the OP had to do was edit to put in "Due to Lumsden playing without heart he will next season for a heart transplant"

Why do folks see the need to blow things up yeshhh. I'm only saying that as written it comes across as Lumsden actually being sick..

Special note - this is not my opinion of Lumsden so don't fill my mail box with kitty litter!

For the politically correct, we will now refer to these CFL teams as the following ....





Ladies and gentlemen, we got us yet another lost cause.

All well, moving on to something more worthy...

...yep, like scrubbing a toilet or two...

um ... i said "oops". didn't you see that?

why say sorry if there is no intention for harm? i thought a football forum would be for football people who would understand such coloquisms (sp?) I guess i shouldn't have assumed others would put it together.

Do any of you softies laugh anymore, or do you just scrutinize every word out of others mouths?

I will try harder to educate you .... IN FOOTBALL, if someone says "he just got pancaked" it does not mean he was actually picked up with a massive spatula, flipped over and slammed onto a hot griddle. It simply means he got hit onto his back and landed upon by the opposing player.