Is Carrier the worst punt/kick off receiver you've ever seen

He's the worst I've ever seen, at any level.

No he isn't. The Als ST absolutely rot. No one could be effective in these conditions.

Apparently the first poster has very short memory as he already forgets about Noel Devine.

Or many other from recent years.

But Carrier was driving me nuts giving up yards trying to break the big return. Of course when he is stopped in one direction and then swarmed by players when he reverses one has to ask: "Do the Als have any blockers on punt returns?"

The Als would be better off if Carrier just caught the ball, held onto it, and fell down.

I don't have a problem with Carrier at all. He needs to get back to running north south instead of east west. But he has only flubbed one punt.

He didn't have a good game and his fumbled flipped the momentum but we should never have been in that position. If we had a proper pro punter it would not have mattered. But when you punt for a net average of 28 yards and your losing 12 yards on each kicking exchange, you've basically spotted Hamilton 85 yards in a game where they passed for 176...

There were also a number of drives where we went BACKWARDS or extended drives because of penalties. 16 penalties in a game is absolutely unacceptable.

Not to mention the cumulative yards from the obligatory no-yards calls because the ST players arrive too early.

Maybe we shall bring back Tim Maypray?? Uhhh no, we got what we got lets deal with it. Weve been complaining about this Taylor left.

Just a quibble, but no-yards penalty yardage is not tacked on to return yardage. The receiving team chooses whether to take the penalty yardage or the return yardage itself, not both. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the correction! :wink:

The issue is not just with carier the CFL teams often use one player to choos as a return specialist when in fact returning Kick Offs is much different then returning punts.
Carrier along with many other imports brought in that have a success as a returner in the NCAA and/or NFL many times have had that success in returning Kick Offs and did not really handle punt returns.
This is why you have often seen some teams go to a starting receiver or DB to place back as the punt returner where as a back up RB or hybrid player can handle the kick off returns just fine.
This is the way Montreal has been working from both the return point and the kicker point one guy for both duties.
They have used other players on Kick off returns giving carrier a chance to concentrate on punt returning so that is at least a step in the right direction.
As for Whyte doing punting and Kicking Popp just seems to be OK having a poor punter to have an extra position player on the roster.
Very few modern day kickers can do both well let alone great. Montreals defense is so much better this year which was a reflectionof the all offense HC Trestman. This season the coverage special teams are also up to par.
Finding a good punt returner is very hard to do.
Maybe placing a very sur handed veteran like Bruce back to return punts as well may be the answer. This would enable the Als to open up another spot for a true import receiver they have four solid starters and giving the prospect of a finally health Clowney could make the difference in 5 receiver sets as well as a good back up should one of the starting 4 get injured during the game