Is Canada Day A Must Win?

of course it is .lose this one and our traditional 0-6 opening is a distinct possibility.

Its not a must win but it sure would be good for team moral to start off the season.

8) Well if we lose this home opener, there is the distinct possibility that we will be 0-2 after the BC game because we all know our track record playing in BC !!!
   We then play Winnipeg at home, followed by Montreal and BC again.  So we could easily be 1-4 !!!

   Not a receipe for fan confidence, or more importantly, player confidence.  The old losing mentality could easily be going through the players minds again at that point  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

A win would tell these rookies: "hey, you know what? Maybe we are good enough, maybe we can be some of the league's top players some day. Maybe this team can make it to the play-offs."

Losing against arguably the worst team in the CFL this year wouldn't be a great confidence booster going into BC.

Will we get it any easier or better than betting the Boatmen at home than this game. We better show up for this one. We may be gold and black but most of our defence is green as hell.

Watching this forum for the whole of the Bob years, I can't count the number of times that a poster has claimed that another loss would "cut the fan base in half" or empty the park. Or that a win would fill it back up. It never happens.

Sure, a string of bad seasons or a long string of losses is liable to decrease attendance. But, really, a rain cloud has a greater and more immediate effect on attendance than even the worst blowout loss.

A majority of the tickets that will be sold for the 2009 season are already sold and paid for, whatever happens on the field Wednesday or from here on in.

The Cats claim season ticket numbers are up, despite the string of awful seasons.

And those early Bob years, when the crowd was 27,000+ every game, well, we found out later there were thousands of freebies among those 27,000.

It seems that the actions of a majority of actual ticket purchasers aren't affected that much by the highs and lows of the team. 20,000, give or take a few thousand, seems to be the demand for Ticat tickets.

It's not a must win, but it's against Toronto, so adjust accordingly. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Get serious!! Game 1 a must win? Sheesh. I'm sure the organization realizes that with all the changes they've made, the first half of the season and maybe more will be a rough ride.

An Argo-Cat fan

It is not a Must win, but a win will go a long way into selling tickets for the next game and for team confidence.

game 1 of the season is not a must win.....must win is a useless cliche IMO.

The only true must win game a team plays is the game in which if a team does not win their season is to make playoffs or in the playoffs.

So, no this is not a must win for the team.....not by a long shot.

I want them to win, I hope they win, I'll be rooting for them to win.....but, not a must win by any stretch of the imagination.

Do not forget must-win is what you must win to make the playoffs. Since only 2 eastern teams will qualify and .
Montreal being one and since this squad might win 1 of the next 6 after Dominion day of course it is must win full stop.

All games are must wins. :thup:

It does set a standard but I rather have the cup over the first win! :wink:

We have to win against our weaker Eastern rivals if we hope to have a shot at getting into the playoffs. We are not going to beat the western teams very often if at all so,yes, this is a must win as will every game we play against Toronto and Winnipeg. We need to win the winnable games this season. Toronto, Winnipeg, maybe Sask. and even BC might be beatable, but if we can't beat them more often than not, we are doomed for the cellar again.

You don't know that. There are a million what if to a football season.

What if Burris and Ray both tear an ACL or a shoulder ?

What if Porters and Lefors both throws for 5000 yards ?

What if Montreal is average?