Is Calvillo underrated?

I know the other fans for the other teams won't like this one, but Glen Suitor brought up a good point last night.

Whenever there's talks of whose the best Quarterback in the league, the same names always appear. Dickenson and Ray. And if you look at the stats from the past seasons, Calvillo is way ahead of them in Pass Yards, and Pass TDs.

I know the Esks fans will come on and say, well Ray lead his teams to "2" Grey Cups, and played in another one, and won 2 Grey Cups. Well Calvillo lead his team to 4 Grey Cups, and 2 of those losses could of went either way, vs BC in 2000 when Haskins tripped, or last year's classic in Double OT.

I think he may be Underrated, but that's just me. And also, someone said he's washed up this year, but his stats aren't bad at all. Just not like what they were the last 4 years.

Calvillo underrated? It's not a yes. It's a OH HELL YEAH!

calvillo is definetly underrated can you lead the league in passing and td's consistently and not be considered as the best makes absolutely no sense

Whenever I hear "best qb in the league", I immediately think of Ray and Calvillo. Dickenson a close a third.

I think the area where people tend to underrate Calvillo, including me at times, is his ability to read coverage, audible plays, and think on the run. I mean, I watched him last night in the fourth quarter against Edmonton and he was brilliant. No overstatement there. The two TD drives he put together were masterful examples of good playcalling, great execution, and his ability to make something out of nothing on broken plays. Calvillo doesn't have the greatest arm in the league; he's not the crispest passer; and he'll never be mistaken for a great scrambling QB. But he is arguably the most intelligent QB in the league, and he's got lots of heart. He plays with passion and he finds a way to win even when he doesn't have his A game.

Actually I feel that his scrambling ability is underrated as well!

He is not the best in the league at it but he can hols his own!

I agree, in the last 2 seasons, he greatly improved his scrambling abilities.

I don't believe that Cavillo is over-rated or under-rated. Dickenson and Ray have an edge over Cavillo as does, IMO, Damon Allen.

Stats can be surprisingly deceptive and not always a true indicator of real performance/value.

So what do you use as the true indicator?
I give the edge to DD but not Ray and deffionattly not Allen......not now.

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