Is Calvillo hurting the team?

While I imagine some would consider it disrespectful...
I've taken to ignoring the posts that no doubt are buzzing around this forum
Analyzing and dissecting the vexed question
Of what's wrong with this team.

Instead I've contented myself to watch as destiny reveals itself
(although "contented" probably doesn't have much to do with it)
Knowing usual...most everyone will grab the wrong end of the horse
Regardless of how many times they get kicked for their troubles
So it goes.

Still...I care about the fate of this team
So once again I'll try to talk sense
And hope beyond hope someone is out there to listen:

It's never easy seeing one's hero's fall
Where the once glorious badge of courage and nobility
Becomes stained with rust
Hobbled by time and falls to dust

So much for poetry...

John Bowman
I've come to respect the big guy
He may not be the most diplomatic of players
But if you've come for the truth...he rarely disappoints
In his pre-game interview John Bowman was asked about the team
He made the usual polite noises about "the system" and "assignments"
And then made a pointed comment about the offence moving the ball

I sometimes get the impression that most people who comment about this team
Either never actually watch the games at all
Or watch them....then proceed to forget everything they've seen

Either thing is clear:
This offence is sputtering...and it's hurting the team
Oh there will be those who point to yardage gained (through the air)
And various other statistics
And claim that the problem is entirely elsewhere

I remember a meteorologist once making a good point about this a certain region the average rainfall hadn't changed noticeably
But...since all the rain fell in a one week period
Instead of being spread out over an entire season
THAT particular statistic was useless in explaining why there was famine
And folks were dying.

And so...
Observation trumps statistics
So...despite the inherent subjective nature of the beast
In the vague hope that it will make some difference
Here's my observation (feel free to add your own of course):

On more than one occasion this year it has taken AC a quarter or more to get going.
I had an old car. I know what it's like to idle the old girl for a half hour or so to get everything warmed up.
But in this case the effects are starting to prove disastrous.
Last week...the combination of poor kick returns...a series of two and outs and then dubious punting
Gave the opposition numerous drives with substantial field position advantages
And in short order...a 2 score advantage

Admittedly I'm no defensive expert
But a defence that's designed to be aggressive and attacking
And is then consistently put in a defensive posture
Is bound to fail

The slow starts are one thing
Aberrant though they clearly are...
But while AC manages to find his "form" repeatedly throughout the game
He just as frequently manages to lose it...with inconceivably bad passes and panicked decisions

Which leads me to the final point
Calvillo is playing injured
Anyone who believes this nonsense about "he can't be injured any further"
Well I suppose they deserve the .500 team they now see
The foolishness of playing AC in this condition is unfathomable
Not only is he struggling (by his own admission) with the very mechanics of his throwing motion
(apparently he has to set his feet in a specific way or the ball "floats" off God knows where)
But he's obviously in real pain after every hit.

Brett Favre recently admitted that he played his last season entirely for the money
He (and everyone else involved) knew that the success of the previous year
had been the result of a series of fortuitous events
Never to be repeated
Still...he took the cash
Knowing what he knew.

As this season progresses
And Calvillo continues to play hurt
Mostly because he's more afraid of Adrian McPherson
And his possible success...and succession
Than 250 pound linemen
The REAL victims in all this
Are the Alouettes
And their fans
Devoted and otherwise.

I will be the first to add my 2 cents to this one by saying the following :

In 4 games so far this regular season, they have allowed a whopping 139 pts against. That translates to 34.75 pts per game average.
When you are giving up that many points, it will not matter who is the QB, plain and simple. To expect the QB and the O to continuosly have to score more than 30 pts a game to come away with the W is setting oneself up to fail.
Oh and of course there was the ESF game last year against the TiCats where AC (the aging QB) and the O put up over 40 pts and well, we all know the outcome of that game … that’s right 52 pts scored against!
Is there a pattern here?!!

Of course, there is the ST unit which for the past year or so has contributed how many return yards to put the QB and the O in solid field position as a starting point rather than having to use binoculars to see the oppostion’s end zone?!
Nevermind a 6 pt return, just a solid return would be nice every now and then!

In case you may have missed the link that HFx posted on a column by Herb summarizing the play of the Als, here it is :

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

NO!! he doesn't play defence or STs!!

I'm not going to bother. Senior is entitled to his opinion but I'm not going anywhere near something that claims he is only playing for the money, I have way too much respect for the man himself let alone the player he is. As for playing injured that's what a Coach is there for. Every player will try to suit up.

could not agree with you more

NO!! anybody that says/thinks that knows nothing about football and is a fly by night fan!!

As we suffer through yet another mediocre performance
By a quarterback on his last legs
Or maybe (if we're lucky)
Calvillo will actually show up this Friday
Give the defence a break or two from those two and outs

Just thought I'd post a little reminder
Of what we're missing
And no doubt what some other lucky team will inherit
In the near future:

[url=] ... CdEmgFhVFg[/url] [url=] ... CdEmgFhVFg[/url] [url=] ... CdEmgFhVFg[/url]

You might want to pay special attention
To how AD dismantled the TiCats
In the wake of last week's embarrassment

this is going to be a fun season on this board, i can just tell. :roll:

In analysing Hufnagel's decision last year to replace Hank Burris with Drew Tate
Matt Dunigan put it in terms of "trending"
Whether a player is "trending" downwards or upwards
That is...whether any player has hit his peak
And can be expected to show a reduced performance level going forwards
Or whether he's still growing, learning and likely to continue to add more
Every year to what he brings to the team

We can certainly disagree as to whether Calvillo has "had it" or not
But there's no doubt his "peak" is somewhere in the rear-view mirror
Receding into the remote distance
He's definitely "trending" downwards

We continue to observe what this means to the team
Both in concrete win/loss terms
And in the more nebulous questions
Like: "Why are so many previously reliable receivers losing their mojo and dropping the ball?"
It's simply a matter of confidence

If you run several of those Adrian McPherson clips
With his dominant running ability
And that powerful throwing arm
Next to clips of the last few weeks
AC floating lame ducks over receiver's heads
And gingerly picking himself up
Left arm stuck to his side can see where a lack of confidence (on the team in general)
Is defintely coming from

When "courage" just ends up seeming silly :lol:

But was Hufnagel correct in his assessment of Burris ? So far he's been saved by having the smarts to grab Kevin Glenn.

As for the receivers, I think you are correct about the confidence but I attribute that to a timing thing. That fraction of a second that hasn't been there this year is the difference, part of it is oline, part Calvillo and part defences working against a four year "mature" offence. Its early yet.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!! with posters like gabe, nostredummass, senior ah you, johnny all italics et al they will only stop their whining about AC when he's gone and they can use McPherson as their new whipping boy!! all the above blame #13 for every and all problems on the field!! how true AC missed a FG, missed a tackle on a huge missed returned FG, missed having a INT, no sacks or hurries, didn't rush for 100 plus yards, refused to pass for over 500 plus yards, stuffed no running game or tabbie passing game etc etc!! whose fault for montreal's slow start/mistakes etc: 42 man starting roster, 1 game injured list players, 9 game injured list players, practice roster, suspended list, reserve list etc etc 1HC, 9 position coaches, 1 GM, 1 ass't GM, scouts, ray lalonde, owner mr. robert wetenhall etc!! IT'S CALLED A TEAM GAME!! I have faith in HC marc trestman that things will improve and if they don't I'm not afraid to critize but for the right reasons unlike others who whine and b***h for the sake of crying the blues as uneducated CFL fans who never buy tickets to stade molson but sit in from of their TV sets watching TSN/RDS and call themselves experts all the while complaining that so and so must go BUT never paying the cash to watch live!! nothing BUT disgrunted montreal canadien fans who neither buy tickets to the bell center or saputo stadium in the east end BUT have plenty to say about their negatives 2!! GO ALS GO and 2 HELL with AC' critics!!