Is Calvillo dead meat with this new offensive scheme?

I know Calhoon retired. I don't know about the other mid-range receivers.

Calvillo's Als were dangerous because he always got rid of the ball before pressure came. This new offensive scheme is going to be the end of Calvillo's career. I say this as someone who worries about Buck Pierce making it through the game each week.

The way I see it, Pierce has a better chance of survival in 2013 than Calvillo.

I've never been a huge fan, having believed Calvillo got too much credit for being part of a great franchise, but this is no way to bid farewell to a Hall of Fame QB. They might as well have Anthony play inside receiver or run back kicks.

He's dead meat.

We will see. BC started 0-5 two years ago and won the GC.

Lulay can run, and he’s not in his 40’s. Calvillo might as well tie pork chops to his ears :lol:

part of what happened tonight… actually what did happen tonight was the BOMBERS OWNED THE ALS

im sorry, i dont care if you are anthony calvillo, travis lulay,ricky ray, henry burris…

if you get owned like the als were tonight,that will happen to everyone

again, the credit should be given to the bombers Defence but… its the cfl boards right so its cuz of the als offence…

not because the bombers made the als offence look awful

calvillo looked very very average out there, even when he wasnt being rushed in to the ground

actually… dude had 59 yards through 3 quarters…

because i give credit where credit is due and not like most on here who dont and refuse to give credit… the reality is…

right now anthony calvillo has a tattoo on his butt that says OWNED by the winnipeg blue bombers

because they owned his butt tonight

Thats why the als looked so bad, because the bombers D made them look bad.

maybe the bombers saw something on film last week and exposed it… seemed like they did…

its not cuz the als offence was awful… its because the bombers Defence was that good tonight.

It's a crazy discussion because Anthony Calvillo is one of the best QB in sports and certainly record breaking in all of Football! Anthony will be done when it's his call t hang up his cleats and No one else's!!

Last night against Winnipeg two things, first the Bombers actually had a rush on Calvillo and played great on defense. Second it was a bad night for Calvillo, he was off is game and rushed by Winnipeg so he had a bad one, something Buck Pierce knows a lot about in this league!!

Yes sir, if the receivers are not completely up to snuff, quick off the line getting open quick when your O line is getting manhandled by the defence, this is the kind of game even a great player like Calvillo will have.

Just goes to show that the QB is not the end all, be all player on the field. Without good protection and open receivers, even the best QB will fail horribly.

I think AC is a far cry from the best QB currently in the league. Maybe if he didn’t get so easily frustrated he could have put together a decent drive. he looked like a 5 year old whose mom told him he couldn’t have that icecream.

I don’t get why a players past should exempt them from the present. Sure he’s a HOF’er, WAS one of the best QB’s, but this whole “AC will decide when he’s played enough” thing is crap. If the coaches feel he is not getting it done, sit the guy and let the future begin. Sure looks pretty silly on the Al’s now letting go of A Mac & CP.

Here we go again. Every year it’s the same thing.
AC is "finished, washed up, too old, a has-been, over-the-hill, needs to retire etc etc etc

and all he does is prove his detractors wrong time and time again, year after year.

Show me a great CFL QB, and I’ll show you a QB who has had off games and/or off years.
Only 7 months ago AC was an all-star, and yet now is called out to pasture for the zillionth time in his career.

give the guy a break. (his leaky OL nearly did)

Did anyone watch the Montreal Winnipeg game last night?
I know it wasn't a good game but it was close until the end. My question is. It doesn't seem like the fans are into the game at all. Every time they showed the crowd no one was cheering. All I saw were people sitting down eating, having a drink and talking with each other. And what's up with no one wearing any jersey's?

You'll get no argument out of me on that, except that he's still a good QB. Even if they did have the leages best QB tonight, it doesn't matter a whole lot if guys aren't open and the D-Line is all over you.

Bombers are going to win a lot of games if their D can keep doing that.

As for A Mac, he wanted to play. The last time he stayed in Montreal, it was under the idea that he'd get more playing time. He didn't. They couldn't have kept him without making him the starter this time around.

As for the crowd... those kinds of games are boring when you're in the stands. There's a reason why the phrase goes "defense wins championships, offense sells tickets."

Sounds like a typical Lions game. Most of the women are there to be seen not to watch the game, half the guys are there to watch the women that want to be watched, 25% in total actually watch most of the action on the field, 50% spend more time buying and drinking beer blocking the view of the 25% that are watching the game in their constant up-and-down to the concessions and washrooms. (yes that totals more than 100% because there is overlap in those groups) But they do WEAR a lot of Lions’ jerseys!

He will be under this coach.

So you can thank pamela anderson for saving the lions? All the girls looking for there shot at stardom by going to the games. lol

Owned them?! Agree Bombers D played very well. However not sure about owned. Bombers had 5 turnovers which the Als could not capitalize. Als also had a missed FG. By no means did the Bombers offense light it up and “Own” the Als D .

There is always someone who trots this little ditty out any time anyone questions a team’s potential bad start, but doesn’t the fact that this is the ONLY example one can come up with tell you something? BC doing what BC did was an anomaly. It also didn’t hurt that they got a motivated, Hall-of-Fame receiver given to them as a gift midway through that season. I don’t think the Als are going to get the same gift.

Not that I think they’re dead or anything (it’s been two freaking games!) but Calvillo hasn’t looked great. Calvillo has looked mortal and I think that is cause of at least a tiny bit of concern.

Yeah the Bomber D played great but so did the Als D. The only reason The Bomber won was because the Als layed a egg.

I suspect the Als are going to lay a LOT of eggs this season. Chris Cuthbert kept saying that this new offensive scheme was meant to stretch the field.

While the Bombers have almost always been 1-2 in sack totals each year because of their aggressive D, other defenses are going to be feasting on Calvillo too if the Als stick with this offensive scheme in favour of Anthony’s preferred timing patterns and quick dump-offs to RBs.

At halftime, they suggested that the best thing the Als coaching staff can do is ask Anthony what type of offensive plays he’s comfortable running and go with that. I don’t think the Als have the receivers to do that anymore. Receivers like Ben Cahoon don’t grow on trees. AC Green is a go-to guy, but he likes deep patterns down the middle.

I think that Calvillo will get injured and the Als will finish last in the East this season, with the Bombers and Tabbies fighting it out for 2nd place. I also believe this will be Calvillo’s last season in pro football.

Those stats sound totally legit. :smiley: