IS CALGARY sold out yet???

Update 1350 tickets left.

Great numbers considering the weather, snow storm today and game time tomorrow it will be around minus 20 with the Wind Chill. People in Ontario complaining about having to go to a indoor heated stadium :roll:

I really feel bad for the people on the cold side of MacMahon. We are on the balmy east side of the stadium. :cowboy:

I love the cold weather games, a true test if your a real fan or not !

Great :thup:

At my age I hate cold weather anything, it is a true test of how good my winter clothes are and has nothing to do with weather (spelling on purpose) I am a real fan. I would be just as real a fan sitting in a nice warm dome. Nonetheless I will be there tomorrow, missing the old benches where we could cuddle and stay warm and wishing I was in some tropical place watching the game on TV.

Are we not ALL real CFL fans no matter what stadium we go to? If you pay for a ticket and go , you are a fan.
If you can’t go you watch it on T.V.
Some idiots [not you] just love to cry " our fans are better than your fans " It is just so immature.
I hope that you keep warm and enjoy the game. :smiley:

The first part may be impossible but we will enjoy the game.

East side sucks. Blindingly sunny, and too hot in the summer

Love the sun this time of year. Hope we get some, I have good sunglasses. Now I just have to figure out how to get a gallon thermos of hot liquid into my wife’s purse. Gotta get her a bigger purse. Hope she doesn’t get caught and kicked out, I don’t want to watch the game alone.

sadargofan, just having some fun , chill!

Strap it to your leg and wear snow pants :smiley:

never in a purse , mickey , goes down the front of your pants . Bringing females , makes it easier, a lot more hiding places :wink:

final update:

943 seats unsold