IS CALGARY sold out yet???

Just wondering? :wink:

Not yet, around 2500 to 3000 tickets left I estimate (capacity is 35,600) based on what I see from the Ticketmaster seating map. Weather forecast for this Sunday keeps getting better and better each day that passes this week. Now predicting around 0C and sunny, so I think any holdouts worried about polar conditions will not have an excuse.

Won't that be something else if the southern ontario east division final out sells the western final with Sask playing in it.

That is of course if Calgary doesn't sell out if it does then who knows how many more tickets they may have sold making the point moot.

True. However , I would give the people of Calgary some slack because the Calgary area had a major flood this year. :frowning:

All Toronto has to compete with is a RAPTORS game at the ACC , the world’s largest Santa Claus parade and down town road construction which is every where.
It will be just a traffic nightmare near the R.C. area.

Forget the flood stuff we are just fine here in Calgary. The simple truth is that with triple the metro population and Hamilton an hour away and playing in a dome, it should be something if the Eastern final does not outdraw the Western Final, excuses and all.

Both Finals will be well attended should be good games.

Who cares about the Raptors (stupid name)
PVR the parade
Take public transit

There all of Toronto’s excuses are solved. Bottom line is Calgary or Toronto, real fans will be there.

I'd be surprised if the Western Final Sells out.

the only way that's going to happen is if more Rider fans come out as the City of Calgary itself doesn't give a damn.

look at all the games this season that they didn't sell out, or even close to it.

they won't sell out.

Is it me or does Calgary appear to be a mini version of the here wannabe world class City of Toronto?
They only care for the Flames?
The Stamps attendance numbers have been on a decline for years.

I am a born and bred Calgarian and I am starting to notice that this city is becoming like a mini Toronto. Everything is about the Flames. The Flames have sucked for the past half decade and yet the sheep continue to pony up top dollar for a below mediocre product. Meanwhile, the Stamps have been one of the top teams the past decade and put out a phenominal product yet their attendance is stagnant. I have gone on record before saying what the team needs to do in order to increase attendance (I think they are partially to blame in some respects) but the city hasn't done their part either. This is one of the biggest games in the past decade against their biggest rival and there are still empty seats. I don't understand, the game should sell itself. The attitude of the city is changing and I keep hearing and seeing more people bash the CFL in favor of the NHL or NFL. I am still hopeful for a sell out but I think reality will be around 33500.

I went to the Flames game last night (first game I have paid for tickets in over 2 years, only went as it was a staff event) and felt ripped off by the effort of the team (7-3 loss). I can't justify paying outrageous ticket prices for a terrible product that only goes towards billionaire owners and millionaire players who don't give a crap. I understand the team is rebuilding. I'm not expecting a Stanley Cup, but I do expect an effort. Looking forward to Sunday where I know win or lose I will be entertained and knowing my money is going towards a league and players who play for the love of the game.

At least Calgary doesn’t have the DENVER BRONCOS playing a game a year in , Calgary.
I also hope that the media is on the side of the CFL in your town. I also hope you don’t have a major corp. telling any one who will listen that a NFL team is coming to Calgary , ever year.

I think that the $ battle for CFL or NFL fans goes up and down and in cycles. The CFL is at the bottom of a down cycle now every where except for TSN. TSN , is starting to see the true value of the CFL.

The MYTH that the NFL is more popular in Ontario than the CFL is , is a hard one to break in spite of being proven wrong over and over again.

Some people call low attendances just excuses but in until a person lives his whole life in a “hostile to the CFL city” like in Hamilton and Toronto" most people have no clue how hard it is to be a CFL fan in those areas.

What is truly sad , is that this is Canadians making Americans richer with little or no charge , all the while hurting our own institutions and never getting what they want. Pretty dumb , isn’t it? It doesn’t even make business sense. :roll:

It really is an issue of a an awful experience sitting in the endzones of McMahon stadium on the metal benches(especially in -20). There are about 20,000 good quality seats, located rows 1 to 40 between to goal lines. These tickets are expensive and always sold out. They are basic plastic seats and have way more leg room. The corporate support is very strong and I have heard there is a lengthy wait list for box suites. If the Calgary Stampeders want to impress new comers, they most definitly need to build a new stadium and expand their fanbase from there. I am die hard any will be there on Sunday as I have grown up going to the games and always will. In order to develop new fans the team has to overhaul their stadium strategy. And the comparison between Calgary and Toronto is BS, the Calgary Flames own the stampeders and are proud to be part of the CFL. I am confident they are building a very ambitious plan for the future of the Stamps. Where it is exact opposite with MLSE and the Argos, they seem to be outcasted for some reason.

Oh and my good friend from Ontario who now lives in Calgary is all in, takeing his family members to the game. There are definitly good CFL fans from Ontario!

I know it was loony toon Federick a while ago that said he with the city was going to renovate to include getting rid of all metal benches?
Any talk of a new stadium?

There are very quiet rumblings of a dual-purpose facility could come with a $1-billion price tag. This would include a NHL arena and a CFL stadium. Bruce Dowbiggen on June 19 said that the Flames were planning on announcing their intentions within two weeks. But then on June 21 the city, saddledome was wacked by the flood. No doubt they had to take a step back as new arena/stadium talk became a lower priority. We are hoping to hear something soon. Ken King always makes very cryptic remarks like at a Calgary Flames season ticket luncheon in May 2013, he stated “plans they have right now would have taken our breath away, calling it the most ambitious project in Calgary in the last 50 years”. :rockin:

Fortunately Section S is plastic but I feel for you sitting on the metal benches. On the flip side, I am old enough to remember the wood benches and trust me, on cold days you could fit another 10,000 people in the stadium cause everyone squeezed together to share the body heat. In some ways it was a much better time. Everyone also was allowed to bring in their thermoses filled with coffee, hot chocolate, mixed with whatever or mulled wine. I know that alcohol only makes you think you are warm. I liked thinking I was warm. :lol: :lol: :lol:

That sounds excellent but how would they combine a hockey area with a football field?

It would be two separate stadiums. Same location, they could have cross integration of support staff and food beverage operations.

Should have been a reality in Edmonton except for the morons who voted against the Omniplex in 1970. It was an football stadium basically built over the hockey arena. Great idea, should have happened, never did.

Have you ever seen the drawing for that thing…it was atrocious

1476 tickets left

Excellent and thanks. I day left to go plus any last minute walk ups. :rockin: