Is Calgary for real this year?

I've been reading the posts around here and it seems that the fans feel a bit negative and even touchy on others. It leaves me to wonder if Calgary's fans harbor some animosity toward their Stamps? Or do they just work up some anger all day and take it out on a forum like this one?

I dont know, i just get that feeling. anyone else?

In sports, oversensitive fans often have a love-hate relationship with their favourite teams. Is Calgary for real? Of course, Calgary is real and every CFL team is real too. Not imaginary and actually existing.

I think Calgary has a very good chance of repeating.

Perhaps they can meet my Lions in the Grey Cup after we cross over and win the East! :wink: :wink:

I believe they will do just as good this year, Im sorry to say that the Lions won't even come close to the Stamps to take the west, maybe the Esks will come close, but its highly doubtful, The Stamps at the Grey Cup final... And Yes, they are for real DBax!


I think the way the Stamps played last week, and the way they are playing today in the Peg answers this question.
NO, they are not for real as yet. They are playing as if others will roll over for them
There is absolutely no hustle, no pop in the step of anyone of them.
I have always been a Stamp fan, but I must say this team is letting me down
The bombers are not playing any better that than the Stamps. They are just playing with more pep.

...that call on Collins is pure crap...

...but we are not playing like we deserve it anyways....this team stinks at this time....

…I heard Burris on the radio say today that maybe the loss to Montreal was a good thing as it shook off any complacency…really Henry?..sure looks like all that complacency just fell off this teams shoulders…damn sarcasm button is broken again…

Maybe you need to get Bannister back... :twisted: j/k red... :lol: :lol:

It's really weird to see a team that was so dominant last season play with so little energy. They just look listless on both sides of the ball. Grey Cup hangover, indeed. That being said, they are simply too good a team to keep playing like this.

Agreed. The Stamps should be fighting for first in the West. It's only 2 games into the season. The stamps were only a .500 team 6 games into the season last year, and finished 13 - 5.

It's only the second game. Didn't the Stamps start slowly last year? Don't worry, Huff will get the team up to speed real soon!

Its okay Red, don't feel lonely, the way our defense is playing, we'll keep you company in the basement........ :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

I need another drink!

Well, that was a much better effort for the Stamps. Although it was another slow start, the offense started to click in the second half, and the defense was terrific. 3 touchdowns on defense, including 2 in back to back series.