Is Calgary also without a Stadium?

Just watching the hockey finals with an opening segment about the Flames.

What about the Stampeders?

Does anyone know if they do their training camp out of their Stadium (water polo anyone?).


I'm sure the League is busy schedule wise etc. Short term I'm sure there will be repercussions

Checking the Stampeder website

On the CBC last night they showed a picture of the Flames arena, and said that with the flood the first 14 rows of seats would be under water...don't think the Stamps stadium would fair much better....

I have heard McMahon stadium is not affected.

McMahon is nowhere near water and is fine. Flames and Stampede organization held a newser at McMahon today, in fact.

Good to hear that McMahon stadium is OK, although I don't know how you could hold games there with what's happened.

However, I'm much more concerned about those living in the city and their homes.

All the best to them there, what a nightmare. Mother Nature though will do what she has to do.

McMahon stadium is in the NW part of the city, near the University of Calgary. As with the upcoming Stampede, I am sure the CFL Stamps will be playing their scheduled games. It will help the city recover.
The federal Conservative Party has delayed their July convention until the autumn, because they were scheduled downtown, which was heavily flooded.

I thinking that the Stampeder's attendance might suffer this year since thousands of people will either be in financial despair or be busy rebuilding their homes and lives. Tragic on all accounts. :cry:

Love to see some sort of CFL wide initiative to help those truly in need there.

Historically speaking, Depressions and tragic events actually result in an increase on entertainment spending (sports, movies etc) as a form of cathartic escapism, thus the Stamps may have a turnstile improvement this season.

A good showing by the Stamps could invariably help boost City morale similar to the Bruins in Boston most recently.

Structurally, Calgary will rebuild, although the loss of lives is irrecoverable and heartbreaking. :cry:

I can see the cathartic escapism happening with a single tragic event but long term economic depression is a different story. That’s currently happening in some European countries with extremely high unemployment. The people simply do not have the cash to pay for big ticket sporting events and as a result many European soccer clubs are playing to only a couple of thousand people in a 30000 seat stadium.

Calgary as a whole is quite affluent though so hopefully your suggestion about a spike in attendance is right.

Home games will be a place where the city will rally around in times such as these.
Home Games will be about more than just football

The question isn't whether residents would want to go to the game - I think you're right that people will want something other than the flood to think about, even for a short time. The question is whether the city's infrastructure - roads, bridges, C-Train, hotels - will be ready in time. If the downtown hotels aren't open yet, will there be enough rooms for out-of-towners to stay? If the C-Train tracks haven't been repaired, will people in the south and north-east be able to get to the game, assuming not all will want to drive? When will the bridges be inspected for damage, and if any damage is discovered, how long will they be closed?

Agree CAL will have a “Live Strong Calgary” type attitude that’s usually expressed best in sports.