Is Butler gone for the season?

I must have missed the news - Does anyone know Butler's status? I saw Mike had posted in the Sinkfield thread about ratio issues in the secondary and metioned Butler's absence.

Yes. Craig is out for the season.

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Even though the articles say "most likely", he continues to be extended on the 6 game IR and I wouldn't expect to see him in 2016. Just my two cents from observations on the sidelines etc.

He is gone for the season, but Stephen has played well in his place. What they should have done was draft a couple of DBS, left Stephen at Corner and start Daly at Safety.

Well hindsight being 50/50 in retrospect the team maybe should've grabbed Taylor Loffler when they had the chance. Unfortunately the team decided to go with wr Mike Jones with their 3rd round 18th pick and the Bombers drafted Loffler immediately after with the 19th selection in the draft. As luck would have it Jones has only dressed for a few games this season for the Cats and has been used sparingly , meanwhile Loffler has worked his way into the starting lineup with the Bombers at safety and has been an integral part of their success so far this season and he should garner some serious consideration for top rookie honours when the awards are handed out at the end of the year.

Loffler was on my wish list before the draft this season and unfortunately it wasn't to be . Oh well if we only had a crystal ball when it comes to things like this because drafting Loffler when we had the opportunity might have just been the answer to our D- Backfield / ratio shuffling problem if we only knew at the time of the draft that Butler was going to be gone for the season...........oh wait !! we DID KNOW........ and unfortunately we decided to go in another direction instead of drafting Loffler when we had the opportunity and opting for Jones instead. :frowning:

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^^^ Yes. What he said. ^^^

Why would they have wanted to do that? At the time, they had Stephen, E. Davis, Sears, Washington, and Minnifield, plus a few pretty good backups. That lineup looked really good. How were they to know that Washington and Minnifield would get injured during training camp, and Sears shortly after that? (OK, maybe they should have known about Sears.)

So with Butler out for one year, but Watt back, they made the call that they'd move a national from defence to offence for this year. It's really when the other three ended up injured that the scrambling started.

is washington done for the year as well?

This seems to be the questions nobody can answer. I have asked multiple times and seems nobody knows and there is no news online reporting how long or the severity of his injury. Getting him back in time for the playoffs could pay dividends.

I heard on the radio a few days ago that Washington has an Achilles injury so that would definitely put him out for the season. Butler I believe had offseason knee surgery so unless his recovery goes faster than expected, he is not likely to see the field at all this season unfortunately.

Hopefully Sears is soon able to return as he has been out for several games now.