Is Buck Starting?

Any word on if Buck is going this week.

It was announced today that Buck will be starting against the Argos. From the FP:

"There was no soreness from yesterday," LaPolice said. "He was able to move fine today so he’ll start."
Rest of the article is at [url][/url]

Thanks. I can finish my pool picks now. Bombers look like the steal of the week at 3.5 underdogs and Buck playing.

You'd think so.

Buck, even if his leg isn't quite 100%, is still better than Lemon. . .and Boyd is out for Toronto.

I expect a low scoring game, but I think the Bombers will manage enough points to win. . . Toronto without Boyd and with Lemon at QB and a questionable receiving corps will be in tough to score points against that Bomber defence.

.....Buck is in and looked very mobile at practice...Why even Brink threw some nice balls according to reports....Of course ...practice is NOT game conditions..BUT i agree that a 'sore' Buck is better than Lemon...I wonder how many late hits Pierce is going to have to take this game, before an ejection...Guess we'll see.. :roll:

Either way I picked the Bombers to win.Toronto sucks, and i'm not just saying this as a Cat fan because i'm a CFL fan as well.They fluked their way through last year, it's not going to work this year and i've been preaching this all off-season.Go big blue! :rockin:

...I called the ejection a couple of posts ago....Teams looking to push the'll be playing short :lol: