Is Buck Pierce really tough?

TSN just said that buck pierce has been knocked out 8 of 21 games that he has played with Winnipeg. Obviously he has a similar history with BC for which he was traded. So is he tough or is he placing himself into situations he shouldn’t which gets him hurt (not playing smart).

I’ve seen Lulay and Durant take huge hits from which they popped back up, them going head first to get the extra yard and they also slide feet first.

Seems like a dumb question but being knocked out 8 of 21 games is 38% which is a fair amount.

PS: I like Buck Pierce and not slanging him.

Buck Pierce really should get out of football.
any time he is touched, he gets hurt.
how can the bomber offence get any kind of chemistry/consistancy when their QB can never play a full game?

Have you seen any of the crazy hits he took last year and got up to continue playing?

Milt agrees with me. says buck is taking precious reps from Brink all week when he never can finish games, then Brink gets tossed in without the reps.

no more Buck!

The Buck stops here?


Calvillo took some huge hits yesterday, with injured left shoulder, laid out hurt and he pulled himself of the rug and played the entire game. Lots of QBs seem tougher to me now that I really think about the hits they take. Knocked out now 9 of the last 24 games (I stand corrected) and that doesn't include the 15 games he missed to being out (TSN at half time just gave out those stats).

I don't think he is as tough as people say. He has taken huge hits but that is not the question here. DD played the last third of the season last year hurt, limping. I said he should be rested as the season was over and Berquiest could get some real game play to see if he had what it took to be a good CFL QB we wanted to keep, nope, DD played it all. It is a way to protect his job. Berquiest was released and we never found out how good he was. Calvillo seems to be doing the same.

He has been hit too many times. He cant put together a sentence without the stutters.

yup, i noticed that too and it makes me cringe.

yeah its sad for these guys. I hope he does not suffer in the future for his competitive nature

No, the dude is soft. My grandma could put that turkey in a wheelchair.

Not sure but the helmets are really well made.

I hadn't, but if true than its probably too late. He will be like Dunigan and Jim McMahon? That is sad. I hope it's not true.

Tough to watch. :lol: :lol: :lol: