IS BUCK ....done in B.C.?????

.....I have a hunch Wally will be wanting to deal soon///// if Pierce is available....time to talk trade?????? :wink:

I just wondered the same thing over at the zone.

Maybe we can swap crappy qb's with Wally somehow ?

BTW, dogdrool (red&white05) wanted me to say hi to everyone and drop by the zone and say hi to him sometime.

…i don’t know who’s doing more of slower burn tonight …me or Wally :lol: :lol: …say hi to my wayward son piggy… :wink:

If Pierce is done in BC, yeah, I'd like to see if we can work out a trade somehow.. he hasn't been that bad, certainly better than what we have right now


////hey where would the world be without dreamers.....I know one thing....look for Wally to make a move... :wink:

Wally has NO grand delusions of LeFores/Randall/Wiliams whatsoever, you want Buck, pay the piper!

...I said make a move...I didn't say Wally was going to run out the door to deal one of his qbs....although that may be a distinct possiblity in the future :wink:

Randall might have some trade value... An anonymus GM was quoted in the sun during TC saying he thinks Randall will probably be our starter by labour day...

Plus the athletic package he offers is quite exceptional.. however, we need a QB now... not in a couple of years, maybe Buono will take Randall and another player or two for pierce since he is so confident in champion

I like Buck as well, but remember this…BC is such a fantastically coached team with great players, they make the qb look awfully good. Many times over the years it did not matter if it was the 1st,2nd or 3rd string QB in and they looked awesome.

Remember a guy named Casey Printers? He looked pretty darn good in that system you might recall?

Better off with a guy who has had success with different teams…MICHAEL BISHOP

Papa grasping at straws again.

Why would BC help Winnipeg by trading a good QB to you, knowing if they don't, you'll just keep losing because you will eventually be forced to bring in the overrated/underachieving Bishop/Printers?

The Bombers are painted into a corner because of Kelly's arrogance. No one will help you!

....Wally is probably searching for some answers as well..... i noticed they have a few problems also....Will that mean moving a qb....He may have no choice....No one is running around trying to help Wally either...and if you think that you're more gullible than i am... :lol: Cuts both ways my friend..