Is Bruce Done With the Argos?

This is all fallout from Clemons' time as coach. Clemons and Stubler both put up with a ton of crap from their players, and now that Toronto has a coach who expects his players to act like men, some of them can't handle it.

and yes bruce is probably done with the argos. he may get looks from a few teams just cuz he is still a top 10 reciever in the cfl and probably has a couple years left. big question is can he keep his attitude in check

Bruce is a trouser stain.. we all know it.

Great skills but his personality overwhelms more.

Wow. A lot of neagtive thoughts about a guy who has performed at an elite level for many years. I didn't like his Jackson nonsense, but he has been a durable, hard working performer for the Argo's through many changes. This is player that never quits, plays the full 60 minutes, contributes on offense and as a punt returner, and makes everyone else on the field a little bit better. He is a true difference maker. Andrus is old school. This may work out long term for the Argo's (in a year or two), but make no mistake about it; the Argo's just got a whole lot easier to defend. Stop the run and contain Joseph, and they got nothing. And with this all going public no team will trade for him. They'll simply wait for the Argo's to release him. if that happens he will play for another team in this league. In fact he'll have more than one offer.

8) Oh yes, he is done as an Argo. Bruce has straight out thrown his HC and QB under the bus with his comments !!! No other CFL team will touch him now. Bruce is an even worse version of Derrick Armstrong, and where is he now ???
  What do you expect though from an out and out headcase, and sh.. disturber  !!!!!        <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

novascotiakid: I think I'm in your camp on this one. Bruce shot his mouth off about a team that is spiralling down real quick. Probably not the smartest thing to do but sometimes you have to state the obvious before anything gets done. Andrus and Kelly are old school. Welcome to the year 2009 boys. Better produce or your loyal servants just might have have something to say. Will it hurt Bruce, of course. Will he regret it, probably. But the guy was angry and shot his mouth off. I recall a certain middle linebacker named Zeke from another losing team that said his piece on national television during a game. I had great respect for him ever since. It needed to be said and he was right on the money.

You thought Chris Davis was bad
Bruce make him look like a Boy Scout

Well which is it? If he will in fact have more than one offer, why can't Toronto trade him?

Also if a player is consistently late, losing his playbook and various other indiscretions. What do you do ? Andrus didn't even suspend him (cut his pay) all he did was leave him behind, kind of like the playbook... Again Bruce's reaction was unprofessional.

I'm pretty sure looking at the Argos roster, making that decision was very painful for Andrus.

About what?

Being late for [i]three[/i] team meetings?

Leaving his playbook behind?

Playing his music too loudly for the team?

Calling out his coach and QB in the media?

What could he possibly be right about?

Arland's career with the Argos is history
and his CFL career is likely history, too.

What never ceases to amaze me is how

people with huge egos like Arland Bruce can somehow
convince themselves they are right in these situations.

Remember the body language...and the
'it's no big deal' look on Allen Iverson's face

when he sat in front of cameras and said

'We're talking about practice.

We ain't talking about the game,
the actual game when it matters.

I can easily imagine Arland Bruce acting
like Allen Iverson did in that video saying...

'We're talking about team meetings.

We ain't talking about the game,
the actual game when it matters.

same body language...same
'it's no big deal' look on his face

Bottom line he put himself before the team and got called on it. You don't miss meetings and be late for practice, forget your playbook and expect not to be held accountable. Its his job and his boss feels he is not performing. On the feild yes but off the field where it affects the team no.

I am glad to see a coach who stands up for the rest of team/organization and makes an example out of this clown.

Is he a good player? Yes, yes he is.

But a bad seed can destroy a team. I wouldn't be surprised if Belli isn't the next one.

It's funny, after week 1, I thought the Argos had their act together and would be a competitive team this year. After the last 2 weeks, I am thinking otherwise.

I don't expect Andrus to have a long term stint in the CFL but I like how he's making players accountable.

Andrus success in the CFL will be dependant on the talent that the team brings in and as long as Rita and Mohns are running the show poor Andrus hasn't got a chance.

You want to Join a team on the rise come down to Hamilton! You would look great in black and gold Bruce! This Leaque is trying hard to become more classy and some of these players have to respect that too. Just like Winnipeg ,Toronto coachs will always have the last word! Will he do that here? If Bruce doesnt respect any coach he will be playing nowhere! :roll:

8) Obie wouldn't touch this guy with a 10 ft stick !!!
  Neither will any other self respecting CFL GM.

Tipper: you're probably right but we will have to wait and see. Bruce for free might be the steal of the century. A change of venue might make all the difference in the world for the guy....
just saying.

How can he blame his QB, he's thrown him some lovely balls. KJ has put up some great numbers considering the pressure the other teams have put on him. Blame has to lie on the Offensive Line for not giving him more time and the play calling, KJ has been told not to run.

Murphy is no longer the Beast he was in BC.
He been beat like Goverment Mule offen this year

That's unfortunate, if ever their was a man that needed to be touched repeatedly with a 10' stick it's Bruce, maybe then he'd understand how to be a team player.

I would (shudder) consider having Bruce da turd play here on one condition: the FIRST time he messes up, he's gone. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I wouldn't give anybody up for him though - just get him for "free" when Andrus et al cut him...