Is Bruce Done With the Argos?

Say what?
I just heard the report on TSN how Bruce has been "suspended" for Friday's game due to the accumulation of many problems.
Here is the report from Dave Naylor of the Globe.

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Normally I would say no, but Bart Andrus is a smart guy and if they keep losing with his antics, he'll be a goner.

after reading this article I think it is crytal clear, Bruce's time as an argo is over.


Do the ticats pick him up? "Antics" aside, Bruce has been a ticket killer over the last few seasons, I think he can make a huge contribution on the team, and let's be hoenst, he's a character, he'll sell tickets!

Hey I am all for anything that will make the Blue Team stink even more :rockin: Except have him here. The guy is good but he has a shite attitude

i could see this one coming, i remember thinking to myself after the argos lost last week that they would completely fall apart soon, guys like Arland Bruce will start causing problems.


You can click here to view that report from TSN on this. It was said that Bruce hasn't asked to be traded. But after reading his most recent comments, I think he has played his last game for that team.

Andrus has come across as being a real no-nonsense coach, but I certainly did not expect this. Especially considering how their receiving corps got banged up in Calgary. But he got himself fined a few times by the team, maybe I should not be too surprised.

Looks like Andrus is making his mark, his way or the highway as you can't have the inmates running the asylum.
Just like he threatened to do the same with Belli.

Wow. Andrus is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The team has no receivers and Rita and Mohn's haven't recruited a decent top notch receiver in the six years they've been in Toronto.

Wow, I can't believe Arland Bruce would talk like that in public. He might be "done" with more than just the Argos at this point - who will want to work with this guy? He needs to apologize and say he was just frustrated, ASAP.

I love seeing the Argos with problems though, great news for us.

Agreed, the recruiting or lack thereof has been horrible for all positions. Thats why they have been relying on FA signings every year.

Yeah, I can't believe his comments either. he goes on about how much of a pro he is, but his comments show the complete opposite.

Grow up!

Let's put it this way

He's one of the 5 best paid receivers in the league
He's just thrown his QB and Coach under the bus
He missed two ST meetings
He was late for a Offense unit meeting
He left his playbook on the plane
He was fined by the league

And to cap it off, his play has not been "elite" in a few years.

As for Bruce coming here, I'm not sure if that would happen, even if we would not have to give up anything to get him.

Would anyone be that interested in a player who makes public comments like these about his coach and his teammate?

“He’s trying to make an example out of me but he can take that back to NFL Europe or wherever he was coming from?
“For him to inactivate me because he says you’re not being a pro and fine me on top of that … this is the second time he’s told me he could get rid of me. Instead of worrying about me, he needs to worry about getting the quarterback [Kerry Joseph] right and getting on his a--. I didn’t wait six months to sit on my a-- because I know I can contribute to this team whether it has an all-star quarterback or a mediocre quarterback. I’m the wrong one to set an example with.?
“For him to take me out just bothers me and shows me he doesn’t know what’s going on with this team?
Wow. Comments that made Mike Kelly's "non-issue..." comments look professional by comparison.

Any takers? Or will he be joining certain other recently-released CFL players who may have talent, but are not on the roster of any CFL team?

WOW... just wow.

That is all!

Ever think he might be right...

Doesn't matter if he is, this is a team sport, you bite your tongue, work it out PRIVATELY and move on!

well that would be one way of handling it.

Go ahead, tell us what you really think Arland.

Even if his comments about the coach could somehow, in a twisted logic way, be justified, taking a shot at Kerry Joseph was totally uncalled for in a public interview. I wonder if he had ever expressed his displeasure about KJ's play to him during practice or games. Talk about causing a riff.

He is good but I'll pass on him if he becomes available. We sure wouldn't want to trade anything for him and disrupt team chemistry when the team is rolling.

yea pretty harsh statements but they do give you an inside view of the problems in the Argo clubhouse. I suspect Bruce is maybe echoing the sentiment of many players on the team. Looks like the Argos have some housekeeping to take care of...

yea the issue here is how he went about saying everything... his points may be valid but publicly you cant talk about your team like that.

he could have said how he felt about being benched in another way, something like, well its upsetting i feel i should be able to play... he could even throw in something like: i believe our team has bigger issues than this at the moment ( joseph thing) and then cap it off with a: we have a lot of problems we need to fix i think we need to focus less on the off field stuff and focus more on the on field stuff...

i know i didnt word things perfectly but had he been subtle he could have gotten out a lot of what he wanted to without sounding like a complete *** .