Is Bo Levi Mitchell the future?

Considering Bo Levi Mitchell is scheduled to receive $175,000.00 on January 15th, is there a change someone else will appear as the next Tiger Cat QB? Will BLM be released? How about Drew Brown?


A more likely scenario, IMHO, is a restructuring of his contract, with LOTS of incentives.

There s something to be said about building a team around an “inexpensive” mediocre QB with high-priced talent around him and succeeding. Look at BC last season with Nathan Rourke. He was still on his Rookie contract and BC could “afford” to spend more on field players. Another example is San Francisco with Jake Purdy (“Mr. Irrelevant”) - although he’s far from “mediocre” right now.

Right now, Powell -might- fit that mould. Dru Brown will more than likely demand “starter’s pay” of at least $400k.


If we go with Powell at QB
Milanovich seems to like him

BLM is due $1.1M over the next 2 years
“the pivot will take home a maximum of $540,000 in 2024 and $560,000 in 2025.”
Spend that money wisely on the rest of the roster

Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Sacked Yds Lost Rating
Taylor Powell 292 197 67.5 2283 7.8 10 3.4 9 3.1 64 28 143 89.5
Matt Shiltz 161 108 67.1 1556 9.7 7 4.3 5 3.1 70t 10 58 99.8
Bo Levi Mitchell 132 78 59.1 1031 7.8 6 4.5 10 7.6 88 7 46 67.5
Felix Garand-Gauthier 1 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 39.6
Kai Locksley 1 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 39.6
Totals 587 383 65.2 4870 8.3 23 3.9 24 4.1 88 45 247


Who knows , maybe we have the next Brock Purdy . Powell has a 67.5 Pass % while Purdy is 69.1 % .


The likely scenario for me is Bo stays with a restructured contract. Incentive laden perhaps.

He has said that he wants to stay.

With a little more clarification on the subject matter he seems to respect Coach Milo. Those feelings seem mutual.

I would be happy to give Bo one more chance, have Powell develope as his backup and jettison Shiltz. Bo would also be a very good mentor for Taylor. I’m done with Shiltz personally and I’m sure another team would pursue him and his salary.


The problem with going after Dru Brown is Dru will demand starter money as well ( 400-500k). So that is still an around 450k risk and only about 80k less the BLM.
Powell will make 80k next year.
Powell was our QB when we beat Winnipeg and BC this year.
Milanovich is not a fool, and sticking with BLM seems foolish to me.
Sticking with BLM seems to me as much as a risk as going with Powell or going after Dru Brown.

Good point. It is risky either way ,but could pay off. That’s while i think they’ll try to hang on to both.

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How much Dru Brown can demand obviously depends on how many teams are bidding for his services. I think Ottawa definitely will be interested.

Any team willing to bring him into camp and have him legitimately compete for a chance to be the starter will probably offer him something in the $200,000 range + a bonus based on the number of starts. Should somebody want to designate him as the #1 going into training camp, I would say the offer will be in the $300,000 hard money range.

No way is Brown getting anywhere near $500,000. Him getting $400,000 would be the result of a bidding war but that also would be a huge risk to the team paying him.


Teams that want a QB are desperate.
Cats paid big money to Collaros with like 4 career starts.
It’s the CFL and money isn’t guaranteed, I think he gets at least $300k (Cornelius makes like $350k and some is guaranteed).

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Agree. Shiltz (much like Dane Evans) has had enough time to prove he can be a full time starter, and he has not met the challenge. Bo on restructured contract as mentor, and Powell on development curve with Milanovich overseeing it. And Locksley as a proven short yardage QB.


I just don’t see BLM restructuring his contract
BLM signed that contract to be the #1 QB
not the backup,
As he stated at the end of our last game
“If you’re not playing your highest-paid player on the team in a playoff …"
He will either have a seat on the TSN panel or get that Jan. bonus
He won’t be holding a clipboard on the sideline


The question is, where else is Bo going to go?


I could see him restructuring and turning the deal into a " team friendly " incentive based one.
He would still be the starter.
I can picture him in interviews right now;
" I left money on the table to help the team"
" I like a challenge and I’m going to earn that money back, prove to myself and the team I can still play at a high level…"


If Bo wants a legitimate shot to start games in 24 he probably needs to restructure. Even if we cut him outright who’s going to give him a shot to start?

That’s assuming Coach M wants him in any capacity. It’s a distinct (but rather small) possibility there’s no market for him. There definitely isn’t one at $500k.


It would likely be the first quote from Bo. Team first.

Ottawa……like all ex Cats….


Bo has to do two humbling things; take a haircut on the salary and show up to camp like a rookie. He’s got a lot to earn.

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Maybe Ottawa? But if JM is back and healthy I don’t see them being desperate. Certainly not at $500k - so then Maybe BLM stays at much reduced salary.

They won’t pin their hopes on Masoli again. Coming off another knee injury I doubt he’d be ready for the beginning of the season. I could see Masoli as a mid-season pickup for some team looking to add an experienced backup.

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I honestly don’t think that even Ottawa would be interested in him at this point .