Is Bo Levi Elite or Mediocre..

I know it’s only just past half time but I need to ask all the Masoli critics this question…is Bo Levi elite?

As of this writing in the 3rd quarter…He’s 9/20 for 93 yards and two interceptions!!

Johnny Football…13/20 for 181 yards and 1 int.

I’d say “mediocre “ so far…let’s see if he can become Elite this game.

Just sayin’

make that three.

'nother interception thrown by the godly one.

He is today and I love it.

Nope it’s Stubler the magic D co ordernator at his best today

Bo goes from 9 INTS to 12 and counting.


Nice shot. What are you Auston Matthews or something? I cannot believe the Als are pitching a no hitter and a shutout against the Stumps.

Since you started the thread, can you provide any additional info about this Bo fellow? e.g. Past accomplishments or stats beyond a single half of football.

Unless you think the answer to your question changes week by week.

How about a full game. 20 of 34. 3 int. 0 TD. They won which is important but his one game stats are mediocre. And this against arguably the WORST team in the league. Based on his losing the important Grey cup games and looking ordinary against Montreal…I don’t consider him any more elite than Masoli.

You can agree or disagree. I don’t really care?

Good teams win ugly when they just don’t have it some days.
Bad (mediocre) teams need their best to win.

No not elite but pretty good. Def this year showing signs of being human.

hate to state obvious but, BLM is what he was before this game.

It’s hard to judge a QB, like BLM, when he plays with such a talented and consistently successful team.
After watching that game, though, I think the real “Elite or Mediocre” question is …
Will Manziel ever get his CFL play up to mediocre level?

Bo Levi must be garbage,
I could tell that by all the seagulls circling overhead like at the dump! ::slight_smile:

:)yup I think it was a big distraction they don’t have any seagulls in Calgary!

Yup BLM is terrible, Stamps should cut him. ::slight_smile:

Stamps must be a very lucky team to lock up first place in the league with 4 games to play. ???

Just another example of how hard a win is when Hamilton has to go West and play a 10:00 pm EDT start, and if we must, why we should make BC, Calgary, and Edmonton play a 10:00 am MDT start when they come East.

Montreal has figured it out, when do we?

Hamilton needs to get the party train going to Niagara Falls when the Stamps come to town and make sure they enjoy the night out before the 1pm start in Hamilton the next day .

Montreal’s night life can be a weapon for those early games the next day .

Bo was certainly mediocre today vs the larks. I’ve always thought that a big part of his success and great stats (as in winning percentage) was as much a result of being surrounded by a good team and system and a stable organization as it is due to his talent- if not more so.
He’s been outplayed on more than one occasion by Hamilton QBs (both Collaros and Masoli) and yet the team has always managed to squeak out the W against us. :frowning:

Even when BLM is terrible his defence and Special Teams bail him out. The true secret to Stamps success is Hufnagels ability to find talent.