Is Berry gonzo??????

...I O'CLOCK PRESS CONFERENCE....STAY TUNED......i think someone :wink: is getting the pink slip??????

....orrrrrr has it got something to do with Milt calling it a day?????

....confrimed by the Wpg. Free Press....Doug Berry has been fired.....Let the applications begin....I will say a cocah who makes the kind of comments Berry has made about players...and how he's handled a few were suspect at best.... OH ...and by the way ,Doug could you please take Glenn with you.... :rockin:

Here we go again, maybe they'll get the next one right. :roll:

It had to be done! Berry was an ok coach for a few years but time caught up with him. I hope they find someone new and not just recycle a old cfl coach!

Oh boy 09 is lookin great so far im getting excited, Berry gone and I heard something about giving the GM job also to the new coach but keeping Taman around basicly making him as useful as a jockstrap cleaner now all we need is Glenn gone or as backup for sneaks bout all hes good for and we will be set. Note to bomber brass: DO NOT pick up Bishop or Printers thats all we need is another 'starter' quarterback that can be outplayed by a backup we have 2 good quarterbacks here already we should seriously be considering.

....not official yet but it looks like Mike Kelly on the esks. coaching staff , is headed to the Peg to take over as Head-Coach/GM....Kelly was a coach for the Peg and has seen some successful years with the Bombers...His style could be along the lines of Hufnagel (who has been pretty solid in Cal.)...we'll see :roll:

Well good start to the off season. taman the last while has said lets make some changes. and now he is doing. got a good power back in smith, the only middle linebacker in the league that is better then simpson in zeke moreno. and now get rid of berry. next step toss out kevin glenn and let the chang, randall, and dinwiddie battle for the #1 rule as they all deserve a shot. and then get rid of some dead weight. i love khan and sheridan but no playing means no use, to many injuries and illness preventing them from playing. i say we got a good oline toss them and find some more young guys with good abilities such as labatt was this season. few things on defence, like find safety and this team is starting to look good again.

Taman will have some of his duties taken away, so the new guy can be both HC/GM, is the rumor.

I agree!


How many Coaches are you going to let Taman go through before some one in that organization wakes up and realizes that maybe its the Players Taman brings in?

Whats is this Coach number 4, 5 for Taman?

Doug Berry
Jim Daley
Dave Ritchie
Jeff Reinbold (Was he there under Taman?)

......i would agree, sport, with some of your comment....Bad hiring right up to Doug Berry....I don't believe Taman had anything to do with the hiring of Mike Kelly (if you believe he is coming to the Peg) :wink: ...He is Bauers friend and I believe Lyle called the shots on this one...IF Taman never had his hands in any of the latest happenings with the BigBLUE ...then that's a positive...Kelly better be successful ( and i believe he will) or Lyles integrity is on the line....we'll official words yet..

sorry t say.. although kelly could work out very well. you just go out and hire buddy. you bring people and find the most suited, most willing guy. if that so happens to be kelly then good on him. but i disagree entirely with just hiring buddy before testing the field.

and side note i liked dave ritchie

Same old song dance if you ask me. As soon as the HC starts rocking the boat with personnel changes around here he is canned, because he "didn't mesh with the culture of the organization". A culture of complacency and we'll get'em next year.

wells thats the problem piggy. the office needs to be changed. the way they are functioning doesn;t work. this off season has to be a huge overhall. berry was the first victim. glenn is the next. and hopefully someone in the office. seeing how it won;t be bauer, maybe something is done with taman. we have to go out, find a new head coach not just hand it to someone, and let him bring in his guys. cuz really marshall's defence is as strong as a piece of tin foil. and other then armstead finding himself here our special teams is awful and i am amazed that the coach got to keep his job last season. and kit cartwright is an absolute moron and deserves to be cast away to an island never to be seen or hear dof again, kinda like reinbold.

so heres the thing. now berry is gone, marshall should get the boot, cartwright should get cast away, and mcdiarmid can just go hide in a deep black hole somewhere.

Karma is a biatch...ouch! He really had it coming.