The plan for BC Lions was for Defensive Coordinator Mike BENEVIDES to take over as HEAD COACH–

HAS BENEVIDES earned this position? His defense is not good, in crucial times his defense does not make stops–

Allowing an UNDERQUALIFIED guy like BENEVIDES to be coach is a PLOY so that WALLY can still be the COACH by MICRO MANAGING BENEVIDES and telling him what to do- BENEVIDES would get pushed around a lot–

I honestly was afraid of the Lions FOLDING and everyone laughed and called me crazy- How many fans are going to buy season tickets with WALLY GM and BENEVIDES head coach?

I have seen 2 Ottawa teams Fold and was heavily informed about the issues in Ottawa which were TOXIC in nature-

To have a GOOD CFL team we need to REBUILD OURS–

WE NEED a very GOOD GENERAL MANAGER-- Then we need a Good COACH- and then we need 2 good COORDINATORS–

If the talent is so THIN in Canada to find it perhaps we need to LOOK in the STATES–

Allowing head coaches to be Gm’s is not a GOOD MOVE- Look at Danny Machochia and how he DESTROYED EDMONTON from a grey cup TEAM to a team missing the playoffs and a RICKY RAY that looked WASHED UP–

Wally is doing the same, we were serious CONTENDORS in 2008 and now we are the worst team in the CFL–

The 3 HIRES that will INFLUENCE the SUCCESS of our LIONS or IF we EVEN have a TEAM in the CFL is THE GM< COACH, and COORDINATORS–

We simply cannot afford to SCREW up and HIRE WALLY as GM-- CFL is a league of Politics, there is a lot of friendships and hirings that dont make sense- Its a little bit of an OLD BOYS CLUB-- Braley is not a good owner, look at his 2 teams, 1-8 combined with poor quarterbacks, declining fan interest, poor defenses- old school coaches who happen to BOTH HAVE DUAL COACH and GM RESPONSIBILITY–

Hire a qualified GM, COACH and coordinators and WE will be FINE- Hire Benevides and the old Boys Club strikes again as Braley is treating the Lions nothing more than one of 100’s of Business INvestments and is not HOLDING ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE for anything–

Come on BRALEY think about it? We are doing exactly what MACHOCHIA did in EDMONTON— Machochia left his COACHING position and HIRED who else but a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR as head COACH–

It doesent take a GENIUS to figure out that GM’s hire Defensive minded guys like Ritchie Hall and Mike Benevides because if the team struggles they are EASILY BLAMED and FIRED-- RITCHIE hall was fired after 1 year as HEAD COACH–

Hiring Benevides will do nothing but GIVE WALLY his GM salary for at least 1 year, if not 2 years, then BRALEY will have no choice to FIRE WALLY as GM, much in the same exact way EDMONTON fired Machochia–

GIve Wally a HALFTIME tribute, give him a 25 year CFL SERVICE medal-- Honour the MAN for his contribution for the Lions, thank him for 10 good years-- But lets Move in a new direction to take into account the current structure of the CFL and the way successfull teams are HIRING and managing their teams–

WTF!!! There might not be a CFL without David Braley. He has at some point or another saved three different teams from folding.

Say what you want about the players/coaches/kato/the empire field bank machine rain flaps - but leave this owner out of it.

This TIME your POST gets A SOLID -- -- -- :thdn: -- :thdn: -- :thdn: --

Try this one on for thought. A former local player from the 1980's is interested in purchasing the LIons. The price tag was 7 million and he was waiting for the right price to pull the trigger.

Local ownership is what is needed. Braley is a great man, make the man commissioner of the CFL. He did a great job saving the LIONS but we need LOCAL ownership-

Local ownership would not trust 1 man with dual jobs and let the team decay to this point.

Sports is a Crude business, you are judged on WINS and LOSSES, BOTTOM LINE--

Braley as an Owner is the OWNER of 2 teams and is 1-8 combined record.

We require a local owner or Braley to hire some real football personnel. Look at the Argos they are doing the same thing the LIons are having Jim Barker as Coach and GM- Barker's management and personnel does not seem to fit the CFL either as Toronto is regressing in his 2nd year as coach.

Lets hope that this deal goes through and we get local ownership that is LOCAL and can oversee operations better than Braley can.

Grid guy, I have to say, you really come across as being a Moron.
You bash Braley, and then come up with some equally stupid statement, in regards to out of province ownership, being the problem with the Lions.
Grid guy, are you an actual Season Ticket holder?
And if you are.....I'd love to meet you, at the next game.
Just to see, what kind of guy, makes these kind of statements.
And if you aren't a Season Ticket holder........SHUT UP....with all your ridiculous comments.
Brailey put his own money on the Line for the Lions!
Where were the Locals, when Brailey had to come in to rescue the Lions from Folding?
Local ownership?
Geez.......was that not WHY.....Brailey had to step in, due to our Local Ownership running the Lions into the ground!
Buddy....make all the stupid comments that you want , about Wally or JC or what ever else you can Dream up, but Brailey and his ownership of the Lions is, WHY we are able to whine about the team, at all.
Benevides can't coach the Lions Defence....why would we ever promote this guy, to coach the Team? lol
What with Craig McTavish, now coaching the Canucks American League farm team in Chicago.....and obviously after the Head Bench job in Vancouver, you should suggest , that the Lions go after Coach V.
Oh, I'm Sorry !
Did I just scoop you, on your next Stupid post?

just because braley loves the cfl enough to put out his money on two teams, doesnt mean he makes good decisions when it comes to hiring team management. If he wants to be an owner, he has to eventually be accountable when right now, his coaches are the two worst in the cfl, and possible the two worst GMs as well. I am greatfull to braley for bailing out both teams, but he comes up short if thats all he is going to do.

I would love to see Braily sell the Lions. I don't see anyone interested in losing a million or 2 or more, what do you think would happen if he pulls the plug on this team. I don't want to go down that road. Even a Eskes fan living in Vancouver I still go to more games then not . GG I've told you before your rebuilding you still have to support the team time to get on board . I have one question for you how many games do you go too.

I don't think he goes to any I'm pretty sure in one of his earlier 18 posts he said he gave up his tickets and thank god we don't need his B.S. at the Lions games. Leave Brayley out of this I realize his teams are 1-8 these years happen. Toronto could win if they had a quarterback and they don't so they don't win. Wally will not leave this organization even if we all want him to so please stop advocating for it. He will be just general manage one day so be happy about that. These years happen and the coaching staff is a bit in denial but deal with it okay. People will buy seasons tickets look at the Bombers this year. They were last last year and they sold a hell of a lot of seasons tickets. You know Grid Iron I actually want to thank you because before I met you I was really negative towards the Lions but my hate for you has made me a super fan again and I'm looking at the positive things once again.

I go to all the games here in BC and many in Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal.

Braley has hired MANAGEMENT that is from the 1990's. Look at his Toronto HIRING of JIM BARKER. 3rd and 5 at the opposition 50 yard line with 46 seconds to go what do you do? Kick a 57 yard field goal.

How many competent and new age coaches would have GONE for it, and how many would have kicked the 57 yard field goal. Wally would have been one of those coaches to also kick the field goal.

Braley is now 1-9 combined record of his 2 owned teams which both happen to have DUAL GM AND COACH roles. IT is not enough to PURCHASE a team such as Braley did and just allow for 100% Trust in 1 man to RUN your team? That doesent seem to me to be a very effective way to manage your teams?

Its really simple you defend BRALEY but you are not aware that he is the ISSUE plaguing the LIons, and he will be the person responsible for the team folding. Fan Base is dwindling, young people laugh at the LIons, people wont take my tickets for free, and this is all due to a STEADY DECINE from the Lions and its due to the GENERAL MANAGER and COACHES.

If Braley refuses to FIRE Wally, Wally will drive this team right into the Ground into Bankruptcy. If Braley is a REAL FAN and OWNER he will fire WALLY. If he does not FIRE wally than he truly does not care about his team and its future.

If Braley met some NFL owners they would slap some sense into him really quick and teach him that when you are an owner take some pride and try to be a champion .

WALLY will coach until he can no longer walk anymore, its up to BRALEY to end his tenure here, asking him to run the team is something he is unfamiliar with and does not understand the word and meaning of TEAM.

You are hilarious Backer@Empire. Absolutely hilarious! What a piece of work you are. You come on cutting into Gridiron, telling him to shut up [in CAPS no less], as if it is your right to do that and then you portray yourself as a die hard loyal fan of the team. Too funny!

“Well........I really hate to admit this, but I am sure that there are a few out there, who are just lke me.
I have not been to a BC Lions game, since we won the Grey Cup against Baltimore.?….. I guess I was there after our Cup win over the Stallions. for Larry Crawfords night... but.......since that time.......I have not set foot in the place." By Backer@Empire [ Sunday January 31, 2010]


Other than the last season and this season you’ve not been to a single Lions home game since 1994! That's game set and match dude!

And you are asking Gridiron if he’s a seasons ticket holder? Oh gag, give us break. LMHO So much for your seasons ticket holder status!

Let the guy express his opinions. Nobody's asking you to agree with him, but take off the bully beany cap and put your feet back on the ground. He’s made several good points. I don’t agree with everything he’s saying but at least he articulates his thoughts better than I’ve seen you do. He’s only made one faux pas and he has cleaned things up quite well.

I admire the guy for not telling you to put it where the sun don’t shine after you called him what you did and then dissed him the way you did. This forum is not just for you or about you!

Hey Beaglehound,

Thanks for posting my Quote from last year.
Which states, the following true statement:

Well........I really hate to admit this, but I am sure that there are a few out there, who are just lke me.
I have not been to a BC Lions game, since we won the Grey Cup against Baltimore.?….. I guess I was there after our Cup win over the Stallions. for Larry Crawfords night... but.......since that time.......I have not set foot in the place." By Backer@Empire [ Sunday January 31, 2010]

I do not see the issue with that statement, or how it has anything to do, with the garbage that Gridiron Moron or yourself, Post religiously on this forum.
Your comments, are absolutely ridiculous and the crap that you two post, is laughable at best.
Seriously, why bother?
As if, this guy is at every Lions game? LOL
Not to mention his boasting, of attending games all over Canada,as well.
The guy is more full of crap, than his posts are.

So, tell me hound, what is the issue or question that you have, we my comment about not attending a Lions game, since the "94 Grey Cup?
That is absolutely right.......Right.....up till last year, when they came back to Empire Stadium!
We have had Lions Season tickets in our Family, since the early '60s, and gave them up, in "95.
Yes.......we did not set foot back in BC Place after the Grey Cup of "94.
Once again, your issue is?
We came back to the Lions last season, as Season Ticket holders again, only because of them being back at Empire, and playing their games "Outdoors".
Your point again is?
I am asking Gridiron Moron to meet me at the Half of the Riders game on Friday , so that I can buy him a Beer, and put a face to that mouth. lol
You could say, that I am calling him out, for nothing more than a Beer on me and a quick chat, in person.
I just have my doubts, that he puts any of his own Money into season tickets , but he sure puts a lot of his own Free time, into bashing the Lions with his "BIG Know It all Mouth"!
Whether or not, some one backs the team with their own money, is not my real beef with Gird iron Moron, bit it does enter into it.
Having an opinion is one thing, coming across as a KNOW IT ALL "Expert" in every single post, is just absolutely Pathetic reading.
We are Season Ticket holders, so...our opinions and views, come from having our own Money and time, invested into the team.
We have a real reeason to Bitch, but do not!
Where as, Grid Iron Moron and yourself, have no Money or Time invested into the team, two are the most vocal with your Negative and bashing views on every topic posted ( By You two Experts).
Grid Iron Moron is an Idiot and you and him seem , one in the same?
If you have nothing positive to say, about the Lions about doing us all a big favor, and Shutting the F@#K Up, for once.
NO ONE......really cares what you think or what you say
Wally and David Brailey will do just fine, with out, any more STUPID comments from you Two EXPERTS!
Looking forward, to seeing you and meeting you at the Riders game on Friday night, Grid Iron Moron.
We are in Section 226 - Row EE and seats 108 and 109.......come and see us, if you want that Beer and that chat , in person.
As if......."you", are at any of the games! lol
Oh ya, my Point?
We are just tired of his BS and "KNOW IT ALL" "Expert" advice!
See ya at the game GM! LOL

"Oh ya, my Point?
We are just tired of his BS and "KNOW IT ALL" "Expert" advice!" backer@empire


It took you almost 650 words to say what you were able to condense into a single sentence? Get your kid to start proofreading your work Backer. Have him edit it for brevity, and use of appropriate language. Maybe we'll start reading your entire posts in future.
Now run along and get some therapy while you are at it. You have serious anger issues and bullying issues. I've no more time for your emotional outbirsts. lol

And thanks for giving us the heads up about not attending a single Lions game since '94. It's obvious you've spent very little of your own money for the past 17 years on seasons tickets. You're obviously functioning at a low emotional level. Most people would have understood the point of my comment and would not have had to ask for clarification. I hope you keep to your word about not returning to B.C. Place. The fewer nutcases in the stands the more enjoyable it is for the rest of us.

Hahaha is this the BC Lions forum imploding! Meet me at my seat so I can intimidate your opinions with my girth? :smiley: My glass is always half full rather than empty! Let's compare this city with this city! Too funny!

Remember boys I'm sure when the Titanic was sinking there were many "positive we will be OK folks" on board. I commend the ones who do the dirty work and demand change... too bad it was not done before the season.

Btw I was a season ticket holder so I guess my opinion is worthless now! :smiley: I miss my fancy ticket stub and 10% off at merchandise booth! :slight_smile:

Local ownership has been a MASSIVE disaster in the past with owners that push their own ill-informed, football-ignorant agendas. Braley hires football people and stays out of it like a good owner should. He is the owner, not a football op's guy and knows it.

As for Benevides, why the totally speculative assumption that he will be a Wally yes-man and puppet?

Laughable analysis.

The fewer nutcases in the stands the more enjoyable it is for the rest of us.

"The more enjoyable for the rest of us"??? LOL
It would appear, that you and Gridiron Moron are doing anything but, enjoying the Lions or their ownership?
Guys like you two, who have "all" the answers, when it comes to either running a professional sports team or telling us all, what the Lions should be doing in order to Win, are what makes Forums like this, and guys like you, a joke at best.
Thank God, we all know... that none of us "Paying Fans" who support both the Lions and the Canucks, will never ever run into the likes of you two, at anything that comes at a price or a cost.
Did you enjoy the "FREE" Open House at BC Place today?
I am sure that you and the Gridiron Moron will be telling us all, how poor the new design is, and how the roof is going to effect the Lions play, when they finally move inside.
We can hardly wait, for you two to tell us all, what the Architects should have done differently with their redesign of the roof, and it's way to small, opening! lol
Speaking of Free, I am sure that you and the Gridiron Moron enjoyed the Pride parade today.
Now......there is a topic, that is close to your heart and other over used parts of your anatomy.
Just like YOU and others, we are "all" able to express our views and opinions, as we wish.
Some of us just try, really hard, to not consistently come across as being EXPERTS, on each and every subject.
I am sure thou, that being how and who you are, being in contact to other guys Bullying YOU, is something that you have been exposed to , for the majority of your life.
You bring it on yourself.
By the way, I saw you on the 6:00 PM News and your Float looked great this year!
Now......that is something, that you seem to be an EXPERT on!

Did somebody say they would buy the beer! Hmmmm beeer :thup:

“Thank God, we all know... that none of us "Paying Fans" who support both the Lions…….? by backer@empire July 31/11


“Well........I really hate to admit this, but I have not been to a BC Lions game, since we won the Grey Cup against Baltimore. I have not set foot in the place.[since 1994].?

Yep, you’re a “loyal? so called “paying?, so called “supporter? of the Lions team alright!

Backer@empire says: “My loyalty and support of the Lions is not in question here, they have my Seasons Ticket Money, to PROVE that one!?

….but he forgets that he has told everyone……

“as I looked in my Stocking hung on the Fire Place......and I discovered my Two.... "Surprise" Season Tickets for the Lions 2010 Season? by backer@empire

Gee, Backer, does that mean you didn’t pay for your tickets? rotflmho
You know, for a lowlife you do a very good impression of R. Nixon…? I am not a liar…..I have never lied…..burrrrrrrr? I think you missed your calling. lol

And then you go on to say:

"If the Lions... would like to supply us with 2 Free Seasons pass's, for the next couple of years......we woud Love to attend every single game and show our Support for them? by backer@empire.?

Hmmm….backer says he will support the B.C. Lions if he can see the games for free but earlier refers to himself as a “paying? fan. lol

Oh backer@empire you are such a confused little runt aren’t you? You are so confused you do not even know how to spell the owner of the B.C. Lions' last name. “I'm sure that Mr. Brailey and the Lions, will appreciate our Money and Support for the 2010 season?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you carry a fishing pole into the Vancouver Public Aquarium or if you lit a match in your bathroom your house exploded right off its wheels!

Oh my!!! :roll:

I guess that's why they call you the beagle hound. Wow . Where do you find the time. My point with this is the Lions are rebuilding like it or not, the sports talk radio shows Are partially to blame as they were selling this as a contender from the West, almost that it was the Lions given right to be in the Grey Cup. GG and Beaglehound are right in saying that the Lions will lose some of there fan base, these are NOT true Lions fans but nearly fair-weather fans that think just like the radio talk shows that it is the Lions given right to be atop the Western division.
Of course attendance probably is down because it is the summer break but come September it will increase again and when BC place reopens they will draw about 40 k for the first few games. A true Lion fan will continue to support this team even through a tough rebuild.
I don't think Wally has completely lost it but he does have to take some of the blame for his teams dismal record. I don't think you fire Wally he will move upstairs .
Now to answer the question about Benevides, yes he will be the next Lions head coach and will he be a puppet for Mr Buono, NO! Wally has to much class for that people like him don't get to these positions by and hold onto them by being jerks especially in this league.
Wally is a class act and deserves respect let's not forget that that even at this moment.


I totally agree with you that Wally deserves our respect and I've always said all along that he is a class act. The entire organization is a class act in my opinion and have always treated my wife and I very well. He is truly a gentleman. It is not often that the head coach himself will phone you at home and answer your questions directly! This is not a "replace the coach" and all will fall into place deal. It may not make a significant difference but then again it might. I've no idea. Unfortunately, if we look at the longevity of coaches it is clear that they do not last very long with any one team. Wally has been the exception. For him to be released should not come as a surprise to anyone give a coach's short life span.

I don't know if in any of my previous postings I said the Lions will lose some of their fan base but regardless that is a given- they will at this rate. Fan attendance will drop off at this rate just like it has in the past. My wife and I were in attendance in B.C. Place during the lean years when if the Lions drew a crowd of 15, 000 it was considered a "good" night. It was scary when the Lions went into receivership a number of years ago. That was a real wake up call and it was Braley who rescued the team. Who knows if there would have been a team representing B.C. in the CFL if he had not come along.

I think Gridiron has made some very good points in his messages and has obviously done his research. However, I think he's premature in predicting that the Lions will fold. Could the Lions fold eventually? Of course they could. They were in receivership one year so the organization is not immune. I do not agree with him about Braley being the problem but I also see his point. In essence he is saying that it's the owner that has the power to keep or get rid of. But we also need to remember when Braley took over the Lions and how many Grey Cups and first place finishes the team has had during that time. That cannot be discounted. They've had problems before and they successfully weathered through them just like Hamilton has. There will always be lean years and bumper crop years.

I've always thought Wally is a class act but this is a business and classy guys are sometimes let go for the good of the team's future. Wally is a classy enough guy and professional enough to know this. He will always be number one in my mind but that doesn't translate into the Lions becoming a Grey Cup contender.

I agree with your comment that when the Lions transition to B.C. Place there may well be 40,000+ fans initially. No doubt this will be a result of curiosity seekers wanting to see the new digs. If I'm not mistaken the Lions pulled in 45,000+ a few times when B.C. Place opened its doors and then after the novelty of a new stadium wore off, more realistic numbers were evidenced.

I will be sad if the Lions do not make the playoffs this year but even if they do I won't be holding my breath that they'll host the Grey Cup let alone hoist it.

l'm looking forward to being at the new home of our BC Lions! l hope we sell out Sept 30! This is OUR new house!

So to celebrate this special occasion....l'm planning and executing my dinner party in style with some ggggrrreat friends.

Great music, play my guitar. Play a couple of Jesse Cook's tunes etc.
Cook some grrrrrreat food like appies, salads, skewered cajun prawns/scallops and main dish featuring this....

Oh yea....! :smiley: