Is being the Favourite an advantage?

On paper at least the Als should win by a fair margin, based on the season's play of both teams. The Lions have had to contend with injuries at the key position, QB.

However, a playoff game, especially a one-game winner-takes-all is all about peaking at the right time. A 2-week layoff can be a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, the Als could come out an dominate as they have done most games this season. There is one BIG exception, however - the Lions! They split the seasonal play (even counting the blown officiating call in BC) by only a few points. The Lions are coming off an exciting game which they dominated at least in the first half.

So, that begs the question - is a 2-week bye a good thing? What say you?

I think in our case it will help because of 1 thing:


He's got a veteran crew that knows what it takes to get to the next stage and he will not give them any "slack" this week.

If you’ve ever played football, you’d know that getting a week off to recuperate can only be a good thing. Sure, they might be sluggish at first, but the benefit will show itself as the game wears on.

I indeed have - DT. Playing on the D-line, there is hardly an injury I didn't have - ankles, knees, calves, shoulders...etc. A bye is excellent for that purpose and is a big plus.

However, football, unlike other team sports, requires 12 guys to be on the same page - 10/12 won't do. Even one missed assignment can mean a big play against you. This can only be avoided through regular competition. No matter how well organized a scrimmage is, it is only a scrimmage, not a real game. Heading into a one-game winner-takes-all scenario it is all about momentum. Don't be surprised if the Als have to skake off "cobwebs" at the outset. BC knows this and may want to score early to force the Als to play catch-up. This is the downside of a bye.

So, here's hoping that Trestman (whom we are likely to lose at the end of the season) and the rest of the coaching staff will have prepared them well, and the Als come out like gangbusters and never look back. Go Als go!!!!

I think the Als will be OK. That extra week off will allow them to enter the contest healthy. I believe Eric Wilson will be a big factor in the game.

BC on the other hand, had to play an OT game in Hamilton, travel back to BC and then come all the way back to Montreal. Also, I'm hearing from our ever so astute Gazette football report that Mallett is hurt and may not be able to go.