Is BC's time in the sun over & why????

Cameron Wake, who accounted for a good 28% of their D, gone. Jason Clermont, 600 yrd season, too slow(experienced leader), gone.
Damn, who am i missing, i forget. Geroy Simon looks like a shell of whatever he has showed us in the past. Oh ya, Joe Smith? Why did they get rid of their MVP rusher??? Who's running BC? Who is holding him accountable? Wally's not going to see his 5 wins till after mid season!! Besides the NFL teasing Wake, Mismanagement seems to be BC's biggest opponent, well besides 2 losses to power houses Hamilton and the Roughriders!!!! BC is DONE!!! Go Riders!!!

BC seems to be in trouble so far this year, but I'm not sure if that's a reason for it.. Martell Mallett looks really good. I don't think their running game would be any better with Smith.

You are correct, Mallett looked good so far. Pierce stepped up in Sask in the 2nd half, but nobody followed through to help take the pressure off his back… I never really watched the Hamilton game or highlights. Who were BC’s stars last night, if their were any, or was it a turnover affair like the Rider game, or did Hamilton actually step up to the plate and play???

Too funny, are predicting our 09 season on our 0-2 start?

I bet you may thought that last based on our start then? I bet you also thought an easy win in Regina in the 07 western semi. Careful what you wish for. Riders may not even make the playoffs this year!

yea its really too early to predict how anyone will finish. lots of teams still have many bugs to work out. itl come down to who can fix the most problems the fastest. one thing seems to be forsure tho. its shaking up to be quite a different league this year, at least early on anyways.

Hang on a second. You're ragging on the Lions, yet you didn't even watch the game last night? :expressionless:

First you criticize Geroy Simon, saying he's a shadow of his former self even though he had 86 yards and a TD last night. Then you criticize the Lions for letting Joe Smith go, even though they had to let him go. You want to know who's rushing for B.C. Well, that would be Mallett, and he rushed for 82 yards last night. He also returned a kick for 28 yards.

The Lions were in the game throughout the night, and they even had an opportunity to win or tie. Hamilton was simply the better team last night. They made the key plays. Next time I suggest you watch the game before you start criticizing players and teams.

I don't think it's so much of a "BC's time in the sun is over" issue vs just how close each team is. The parity between teams is so close that each and every game is up for grabs this year. Montreal is firing on all cylinders for the moment but every single team has demonstrated the ability to beat any other team on any given day.

This year may be one of the best nail biting seasons we have ever seen. I would rather see every team finish close to .500 and have watched epic battles then watch blow out after blow out and know after week 3 who the grey cup teams will be.

Just my 2 cents

Your point would make for an exciting season, for sure!!

I'm not sure the Esks will be competitive this year. They have serious issues if the last game is any indication.

Other than a two untimely interceptions, the Lions defense is the "Achilles" heal of the team. Jamal Johnson, Cameron Wake Tyrone Williams all gone.

I can live with growing pains of Buck Pierce.

I stated in several posts, this is a rebuilding year for the Lions. Expectations are nothing higher than third place.

Although a loss to the Tigercats at home with a three hour time zone difference shakes my confidence.

BTW Congrats to the Ti-cat fans. I think your Coach made the right decision in starting Porter as your QB this season. Like Buck Pierce, don't rag on him when he throws interceptions. I'll bet Porter will develop into a "Star" quarterback over the next 3-4 years.

No, but i think Saskatchewan's might be.

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I think BC showed some regression last year but even so they were still a pretty good team. This year they might be another step down, but they still have plenty of talent and I can't see them missing the playoffs. Wally always manages to field a good team, still plenty of games to go I would hardly count them out yet.

Wasn't it just a couple of years ago that people were predicting the Lions would go 18-0 based on their win in Week 1? I seem to remember that happening a couple of years in a row.

Enjoy it while it lasts rider fans enjoy it while it lasts.

We won't miss the playoffs, but I don't expect much more than that. Mind you this is the CFL, anything can happen.

We do have the talent, but I think we are missing the leadership this year. Guys like Wake and Murphy knew how to crank the team up to that next level. Without them ... we are missing that spark. Oh well. We'll see what happens. Buono is the best coach in th league, if anyone can whip these guys into shape, it's him.

Ah, you do realize that the Riders did win in the 07 Western semi...... yeah, too funny

Short answer : Yes

Three starters like Cameron Wake, Jamal Johnson and Tyrone Williams are big holes to fill. Plus, I've never felt comfortable with our secondary even during "the Good Years".

Its a rebuilding year. If any one tells you different, they are smoking way too much BC Bud. No home playoff date this year, unless two of the other three Western Teams implode.

Calgary at 0-2 is the real big mystery.

The BC fans certainly think so. 23,217 in pre-season and 26,885 for their home opener -- compared to an average of 33,298.6 last year. Nothing says fairweather like dropping 7000 fans because your stars make the jump to the NFL, retire, or are traded, leaving your team in shambles.

Only 2 games in and everyone is moaning about the demise of the BC Dynasty. I didn’t see game 2 but Game 1 against the Riders could’ve very well been a BC win. Wally’s questionable punt instead of a field goal probably would have resulted in a win. Also that dropped pass by whats his name on the 2nd last play would have won it. So don’t go writing them off that’s exactly what the Lions want everyone to do before they pounce.

What Dynasty ? They have had very good teams , but 2 cups in 13 years isn't a dynasty. Eskimos from 78 to 83 was a dynasty !