Is BC short on receivers for 2024?

While selecting my fantasy team for week 1 I couldn’t help but notice a dearth of recognizable names in the WR position for the BC Lions.
With Keon Hatcher out for the first number of weeks, Dom Rhymes traded to Ottawa and Lucky Whitehead released, there are only three “big-name” receivers to select from.

Is there a lesser-known WR waiting in the wings who will show up in 2024?
Is BC going to rely more on their running game?
Will Dom Rhymes (or even Lucky) come back to haunt us at some stage during the season?

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Keep an eye on this guy

Lions Sign Former Philadelphia WR Fulgham & Three More On Offence - BC Lions.

I think they’ll run the ball more but it’s the CFL so don’t expect Emmit Smith like reliance.

Rhymes could do some damage for sure. We’ll have to see.

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Thanks, will keep an eye out for him.

The absolutely wonderful news this Friday afternoon, as I wrap up at work, is that we will get a chance to see some new players along with some familiar faces when BC takes the field tomorrow in their first preseason game. I’m so happy football is back!


Keep an eye on Aiden Eberhardt. Catches everything thrown near him and will be a factor in the Lions new look receiving corps.

As for run game, Lions have stated they will run more (though that is a wait and see) with William Stanback very motivated and in great shape.

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Can’t see anywhere else to post.
The preseason game tonight, BC looks like a BEAST.

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Feel free to post here during the season.