is Armour worth 100K to 130K a year?

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The Eskimos, Alouettes and Stampeders all apparently think so.

Honestly, I don't think Armour is worth that coin.

Another interesting tidbit from the article: The Eskies apparently think that Armour can possibly replace Gass at middle linebacker. Note to Danny "Rick Moranis" Macciocca: Armour doesn't have the experience or the size to pull that off.

He is worth 90 to 110K

He probably is worth that, and if we did not have Moreno I would say that we should sign him.
If it comes down to paying Armour $125,000, I say thanks for the years Armour and we will see you twice a year.
In a salary cap era you can not afford 2 Porche in the garage

well hes probably worth 90,000-110,000 but i wouldnt pay anymore then that..if Armour was asking for 130,000 i would be looking elsewhere. I think we could easily just play Mariuz or even Jamacia Jackson at outside linebacker and maybe picking up someone like Neil McKinley really cheap. we need to emphasize on more important expensive free agents.