Is apathy setting in?

I have noticed for the last couple of weeks the lack of posting and comments on the team and their performance or sometimes lack of performance may be closer to the truth. I find myself even falling into a bit of a daze and just don't what to say anymore. I mean after that mess in BC if the Riders were in the thick of things does anyone think after plaing that bad that only 4 pages of comments would be up? I think it would be more like triple that number, but its like we have all come to the same conclusion of what's the point? Could this be contageous amongst all the fans? Could we see a drop off in attendance next year if the Riders get off to another slow start? Will it become rampant also amongst the players along the lines of here we go again?

This is something I am afraid of happening and really isn't that hard to imagine happening. I mean you can't really blame the fans for being a bit scepticle after the last two seasons and how they have panned out, but does it, or will it go further and perhaps also effect the players mind set?

I have mentioned before in another post that the Riders could be skating on thin ice as far as fan support goes and if they can not put a competitive product on the field then fans could start to look at other things to spend their entertainment dollar on.
That is what management had better be aware of and not to take fan loyality for granted. I think its going to be a long off season for many fans and it is imparative to get things setteled asap for both GM and HC positions in order to get the ball rolling for building or more rebuiding of a competitive team. Fans need to see steps being taken in the right direction to accomplish this goal or there may be more then a few empty seats come next season.

Absolute apathy........I am not even reading the articles in the paper.

Not much to look forward to. The biggest splash of news and things to potentially discuss are 5 guys getting cut, including Devin Wilson who looked pretty good and is a bigger receiver? He got taken out in practice and who knows what else went south for the kid..........cause he sure played with fire.

But with a cleansing of the PR we can look forward to more signings and maybe more rookies getting a look!


i think it is more than the Riders sucking...the CFL has gone to shit so people are turning to big brother

I agree the rule changes have not improved the flow of the game or the excitement level either. I understand now they are thinking of adding even more video replays to get calls right. Sounds good in principle but to have even longer delays between plays while command center reviews it is going to slow the pace down to a snails crawl. That would be in my opinion the kiss of death. How can anyone enjoy a game or even get into it when it takes 4 minutes before you know if to cheer or boo? Yes the refs mess up but perhaps instead of going all high tech they spend more money on training and paying refs to do a better job? They could even evaluate refs on the how they call games and the ones that do the better jobs get higher pay. This would be an incentive to be sharper and more knowledgeable about what is and isn't a penalty. Still they are human and mistakes will be made but to trade that for a game that drags out for five hours? NO THANKS.

That aside as bad as it has been to watch games I know it would be a lot easier to stomach watching if the Riders were in the thick of it. That also has a spin off effect on the other games too. If the Riders were fighting for first or second and the other team was playing another team I would be more interested in seeing the outcome instead of being a pedestrian on looker. So even watching the CFL as a whole would be more interesting to me if the Riders were in contention instead of where they are right now. Last week before the Rider game I was actually glued to the set seeing the outcome of the Eskimos and the Bombers. When White nailed that last play field goal I was actually excited thinking of the Rider/Lions game. Man did the wind get taken out of my sails in a hurry though.

it's amazing how fast we sunk from 1rst to last since losing Durant . the whole organization appears to have come apart at the seams. whike other teams have a constant strength in staying ontop , we have once again fired everyone and are stARTING OVER AGAIN it would be nice to just keep it going yrar after year . you have to always be thinking about injuries to quarterbacks.......

No apathy here. This has been one of my most active seasons on the forums, either here or my old haunt 13thman (and the much older 55yardline).

Haven't posted much this particular week because I been way too pissed off at how the team is being run. That aint apathy at all.

and I suppose by next spring, we'll be so good we will be on our way to the grey cup again, and then the games will start. I sure hope they put the right people in the right positions.

can only hope Ed.

this season is the biggest disappointment / writeoff that I can remember since following the team the last 40 years or so

I'm 46, and right in the CFL's prime strongest demographic.

Up til 2 years ago, I never missed any televised CFL game, and often drove the 1000km to catch Rider home games.
Then last year, the quality of play degraded. This could be for many reasons, but personally I think it is the lack of practise time allowed in the cba. I'm not talking about the Riders here but the league as a whole. Players and officials.

Because the quality of the product declined, I started missing games. Still caught all the Rider games, but skipped more and more of the rest.

This year, the new rules, which imo were a knee jerk reaction to last year's poor play, made things worse. Yes games were closer at the end, but a peewee game that ends 53-49 is still a peewee game, and not necessarily enjoyable to watch.

By week 4 or 5 I was pretty much watching Riders games only. At some point I even started channel surfing during those games, including switching away to watch BPL and Champions League SOCCER! I haven't even turned on a CFL game at all in the last 2 weeks.

Know what? I don't even miss it.

So yes, apathy has set in for me. Not just for the Riders, but for the CFL as a whole.
And it is the league's own doing.

yes, just when we seemed to be rolling along nicely for a few years, the whole thing falls apart, after durrant went down, and we couldn't come out of the funk, and then the cfl decided for some unknown reason , that there was something wrong with the quality of play, hence changing rules. what a mistake, the penalties have pretty much ruined the game, and now what they were calling earlier , they are starting to let go. this is the goofiest mistike i've ever seen in the cfl. and i've been watching the riders for 55 years.