Is anyone *not* pulling for Ottawa?

Considering Ottawa is, for the first time, above .500 this late in the season and has an honest chance at the playoffs (again, for the first time) ... and considering all the crap they've had to go through off the field since last year's Grey Cup ... does anyone not want to see them make it into the playoffs?
Basically, who has a soft spot for the Renegades? I know I do. Sure, the Ti-Cats fans, and to a lesser extent the Als fans, will want the Gades to fall off so that their team can make it in. But come on ... this is a team that was supposed to finish last in the league this year. How could anyone honestly be upset if they didn't make the playoffs?
I know that I want to see them make the playoffs about as much as I want to see the Stamps make the playoffs. Go Gades go! I hope Ottawa hosts a playoff game ... or at least makes it into the playoffs!

i want Ottawa to get into the playoffs the fans in Ottawa know this team is the real-deal and come to more games next year!!!!

i cheer for Ottawa every game they play and went to a ti-cats game so i could watch the 'Gades whoop the cats.

Well Im not
I want to see them in the playoffs but in 3rd

I sure as hell am not pulling for them. I hate that hole in the ground. I hate the hockey team and I hate their football team! Argo and Als fans should not to worried about them though, teams in Ottawa never amount to anything.

I'd Like to see Ottawa host a playoff game, but honestly, I think they'll run out of gas and finish 3rd.

But I am Cheering....Except next week when the unbeaten Lions arrive in the Nations capital.

I gotta ask.
Why is it a hole in the ground?
Is your opinion based solely on its sports teams?

I pull for the Al's but I'm a CFL fan first. I like to see the success spread around across the league. Sure there are going to be years where one team does great and one team is in the basement. But I hate to see perennial winners or losers. If all teams end up succeeding at some point then it keeps fans interested and coming back. Not like the nfl where many teams who dwell in the basement stay there for years and years.

im still undecided if i want them to host a playoff game this year tho....depends on how thier attendance is by the end of the season...
cuz if they are pushin for second and fans are still not turning out towards seasons end, then its best if monteal hosts them in the first round so they can pack the 'BIG O' and make some much-needed money.....

but if Ottawa fans are commin out by end of season, then its probably best if Ottawa takes 2nd and hosts the alouettes, so the 'Gades have some momentum heading into next season and fans turn out at better numbers than this year.

either way, i DO want them in the playoffs!!!!

He’s probably from the Centre of the earth…Everywhere else is just a hole in the ground.

Ottawa is a greeat city, toured Ottawa and loved it, best part of the trip, was da Bombers thumping the Gades, but I still would like to see the Gades knock the Al's or Argo's out of the playoffs..Da Bombers will take care of the Stamp's before the season ends....

What I would like to see, at the end of this season.
This is what I would like , not what I think will happen.
But the ARGOS will be in 1st with OTTAWA second , I hope.

  1. ARGOS.... [finally, an EAST FINAL, at the R.C.]

  2. OTTAWA ...[will be good for OTTAWA , and the league]

  3. HAMILTON... [same as above]

  4. MONTREAL [sick of Montreal]

Hamilton has won their one game for the year. Maybe they'll get one more.

I see it as
(1) Toronto,
(2) Montreal (Mathews last year, Look for him to turn up in Sask next year)
(3) Ottawa
(4) Hamilton (Will fire Lancaster & Marshall at the end of the season)

Why fire Lancaster?? he’s not even gm anymore, he “stepped down” to something else. it doesn’t have anything to do with the players or anything.

I think two CFL franchises need to clean house. I think Hamilton's Owner (Bob Young ?) will clean house and put in people of his choice. Lancaster was from a previous regime, and Marshall was Lancasters choice (I beleive). Eric Tillman is still available??????

Marshal was ti-cats owner, bob young's personal he's staying.
nothing will be done other than some roster changes.

You gotta go for Ottawa, if they make it, this will be the frist time that they play as the gades and they'll make it with a winning record.

Thanks for correcting me on that one… I wasn’t sure.

I’ll still remain a Non Marshall fan though…

neither am i....

If it wasn’t for the Parliament buildings, that place would be just another Windsor.

Well that explains everything.

It seems to me like you have spent plenty of time there.

What does your city have that Ottawa does not?