Is anyone else...

... a tad embarrassed? Looking over the stats, it doesn't look like either Ray or Maas had terrible games. So how did we only put up 4 points?

We need to rebound from this quickly. Unfortunately for us, we have a back-to-back with a hungry Blue Bombers team.

All the work we put in this season... what happened?!?!?!

You guys will bounce back against Winnipeg.

Can't see the Eskies happy with that last outing.

Agreed, your team is too good not to rebound. Ray is still the best QB in this league IMO. He'll be back.

I hope we do, too. It'd be a shame to start 7-4 and the collapse.

DM better light a fire under his team. There's no excuse for such a poor turnout.

I know we swept the Als last season, but that was last season. We can't take them for granted this season.

I'm glad to hear Ray wasn't injured. I didn't see the game, only the stats. When I saw Maas was brought in, I thought for sure the worst had happened.

I think ray is not 100% I think Maas should start He will be hungry and it may wake up the receivers a little . but they really miss Harris in the Backfield . evan if they lose to Winnipeg with Maas I think it's a good idea to give him some playing time for later in the year incase Ray really gets hurt , That will also give Ray a week off to recoup and study the Bombers D .

I'm all in favour of resting Ray with his obvious discomfort/injury and bringing in Maas or LeFors. But either the coaching staff are putting all their eggs into the Ray basket, or Ray himself feels a need to carry the team on his shoulders no matter the cost to himself. If its the latter, I commend his work ethic, but he's doing no one a favour by trying to be Superman.