Is Anyone Else Here Sick Of People Knocking The New Stadium?

I thought that i would bring this up again just for the simple fact that I am sick and tired of some peoples negative responses to our new stadium, can't we just enjoy this without having people jump all over the idea? now most of what i have read/seen have come from people who don't even live here for crying out loud, here is a couple of examples:

Someone had posted that our new stadium will be garbage because it is only costing $115M and the final price tag may be over that figure (135M). - My response to this is that we are not losing any major features that a CFL stadium needs.

Someone had compared our new stadium to Arizona's NFL stadium and saying our stadium will hardly be state of the art - Please my response is that this is the Bombers and the CFL, why the heck would we need a 500M stadium that seats 80,000 people, reason the price tag is higher is it's the NFL, The construction costed way more, the materials needed were far beyond the materials that we need.

I read and editorial in one of the papers a few days ago and a woman (who lives in Victoria) had the nerve to say that our 115M stadium is "a lemond stand" compared to the New Cowboy's stadium. - Again why the heck would we build a stadium that seats 100,000 people and have a video screen as big as the stadium itself (would be nice tho), once again construction costs were much higher, the materials needed to construct would of cost 10 times the amount of our stadiums materials.

Saskatchewans new stadium will be more expensive and will look our new stadium look like crap - Saskatchewan is where we were at years ago, sure it's nice to come up with this grand idea just like some of our proposals we have had in the past, fact is there are many hurdles to cross, infrastructure costs etc etc. Fact is Regina will have to settle for a stadium without the retractable roof and fancy gadgets that they have planned, i hope they end up with this grand idea, but i highly doubt it, we had Grand idea's as well, bottom line is that this is the CFL and this is WPG and Regina we are talking about.

I hope these people read this cause they should really know the facts before posting crap about our new digs!! Sorry for venting but it makes me sick to read all this negative BS and our new stadium may not be NFL calibre, but will be a beautiful CFL stadium where we can watch our BB'S for years to come, i bring my son to games and he'll bring his kids and so on and Winnipeg deserves a facility that is not falling to pieces, so do my kids and in the future there kids!!

I think every CFL fan across Canada is excited that the Bombers would be getting a new stadium. But you choose to live in a democracy and when government takes out a 100 million dollar loan on not even a promise to pay back from a private individual who's family just squandered and bankrupt one of the biggest media companies in the country and left suppliers and lending institutions with a 1.2 billion dollar bad debt ! Some people will not agree. I am actually surprised how little opposition there is to how this is going down.

Regarding the specs, Asper has been caught using concept drawings that are not what tax payers are "lending" the money for. This has been considered by many as very missleading. The steel architectural support beams for the top are the most "dramatic" part of the design and they have been ditched a long time ago so have a lot of other features. Since everything is burried tax payers are worried that the stadium they will get will not be what they expect based on Asper's promises or the drawings he is still branding everywhere in presentations and on the internet.

Compute ?

....firstly....there has been NO alterations to the original concept for the new venue as far as Asper and the politicians are concerned....Where all of this talk about it being changed sounds a bit contrived to me....

...secondly.....and i hate to run down other cities and their stadiums.... BUT WHEN some of the fans from other CFL cities put up a new stadium and some 'other' cities clean-up their venues (some to be at least acceptable) then they can talk and compare to the Bombers new facility....Till then ...I would hope they'd reserve their criticisms's starting to border on envy.....GOCFL.....(IT'S OKAY TO BE ENVIOUS ...JUST DO IT WITH A LITTLE CLASS.. :wink:

im tired of hearing about it too. in regards to the woman from victoria, like lady you're from victoria, not winnipeg. why should you give 2 craps. secondly, im gonna echo papa's point and very clearly say this because i dont know where people have gotten the idea from either but THE STADIUM CONCEPT AT BLUEANDGOLD.CA IS THE STADIUM WE ARE BUILDING AND IT HAS NOT CHANGED 1 BIT, the arches are still there.. everything is still there.. it costs the same as it would have if asper was doing it with his own money.. THERE ARE NO CUTBACKS OR SCALED BACK PROJECTS.. the people who beleive there is are uninformed. TRUST ME, i cant say who but trust me when i say that i know a guy who is pretty close to david asper and mr asper himself told my umm "friend" that the stadium at is the one they are gonna be building AS IS. NO CUTBACKS, none of that crap at all.. people are uninformed and making stuff up. PEOPLE think they deserve to know the answer cuz some people take this community ownership thing too far, they feel community ownership means they own the team so therefore they are entitled to answers but reality is.. they dontt own the team and they arent entitled to answers.

what im really sick of hearing online tho isnt about the stadium, people can whine all they want, WHAT ELSE IS NEW IN WPG... but what im really sick of is people claiming to be bomber fans but then their posts or their opinions suggestt otherwise. not just here on this site but more specifically.. U GOT people claiming they have been fans for 20 years... yet every post, every comments they make is so anti bombers that its just not even funny anymore.
IM sick of fans who pretend they know more than everyone else cuz they have been watching for 30 years, my dad err friend told me that u know just cuz ive watched for 35 years now, doesnt mean i know more than you or your friends, says all it means is he knows more about the history of the team cuz he says the stuff they did 30 years ago is irrelevant to todays football.

but yes the thing im getting sick of hearing the most is people threatening to not renew season tickets because a certain player was cut or released or traded. IM JUST TIRED of this because honestly, if ur a season ticket holder and ur not gonna renew cuz shabazz or lenny walls was released, how much of a fan were u to begin with?

I FIGURE.. let people whine tho, thats what people who are uninformed do, u see all the whining from people, all have 1 thing in common, the facts they have ARE WRONG. as mentioned in the original post, this is wpg not dallas.

THIS IS THE CFL, NOT THE NFL. we dont need 80,000 seat stadiums, WE JUST DONT. not 1 city in canada has use for an 80000 seat building. BLUEJAYS cant even get 11,000 ppl out to baseball games and they have that "80000" seat stadium that sits empty 3/4 of the year.

i dunno.. im just sick of people being able to come online without facts and spew them like they are facts. i remember a while ago people figured we'd be like 5 million over the cap... well turns out we were only 45k over.. but yeah.. just people are uninformed and honestly people from hamilton of toronto or sask can talk all the crap they want... fact is... they are jealous because we are ARE GETTING A NEW stadium and they are just in the early stages like we were 8 years ago now.

people would be surprised what you can build with 115 million dollars. and beleive me when i say this, the final cost of the stadium will be more like 130 million with creswin paying the overcosts and trust me, creswin knows this.

130 million for a new stadium that will last for 50 +++ years... whats the problem with it. LOL could u imagine if the project costed 400 million, u think people are whining now.. throw 250 million on top of what it costs now and people would be whining left right and center that IT COSTS TOO MUCH. its how it is in wpg, if its cheap, people will bitch that its cheap.. if it costs too much, they will complain that it costs to much but the one thing is they will NEVER EVER EVER put their ownn 10 million dollars in to the project and i figure until the people who are whining about the stadium actually step up and put their own money from their own bank accounts into the project, WELL THEY CAN SHUT UP.

whats gonna happen in 2016 or so when asper takes over ownership after paying back the loan.. are people gonna come on the internet and whine still or will it stop because "these people no longer own the team".

NAH man, it will continue.. u always gonna have those negative people around.. the best thing to do tho i think... JUST IGNORE THEM.

So there’s no truth to the rumour that Asper is partnering with the Discovery Channel to have the Junk Raiders build the stadium out of free-cycled materials?

As far as I know most people asking questions are from Winnipeg. They are only asking question. Why the anger ? Fear?

Yes alot of people from Winnipeg are KNOCKING the stadium and NOT ASKING QUESTIONS (that make sense anyway's) ---- I have seen posts from Argos fans, Ti-Cat Fans, MTL Fans, Edmonton Fans -- Only fans i never heard a negative comment from is BC and CGY, guess they have more class!!

I am not even going to bring up the comments from "the other site" cause personally i think there all hypocritical band wagon jumpers and not true fans, 98% of them anyway's, yet they think they know it all and honestly they look pretty dumb on that site!!

How about all the peoples opinions in the editorial section of the Sun and Free Press, they come from all over without knowing the facts, probably just got divorced and has to vent somehow ... LOL .... But honestly i have read editorials from people in Victoria BC, Halifax NS, London ONT and even a few from the States, like seriously people get a life and worry about your own crap stadiums (oh wait Halifax and London don't have real stadiums or teams for that matter), even BC place is a dump and removing the roof ain't gonna change that and don't even get me started on Rogers Center.

Another question i have is why Argo Fans even care about other peoples teams, player's and stadiums ETC. when they average around 19,000 fans per CFL game, they have trouble breaking 10,000 fans for a Jays game and they are not doing to bad, but still expect the Jays to crap the bed again. Sorry i have alway's disliked the city of Toronto and there arrogant people there. And yet they want to bring in another losing sports team (The Bills) come on they may sell out Rogers Center
1-2 years (Rogers Center only seats 60,000 people by the way) after 2 or 3 losing seasons they will MAYBE draw 35-40,000 people and then will move from T.O a U.S City like L.A, Oklahoma City or maybe even Mexico!!

Sorry had to vent and let this off my chest and NO i did not just get a divorce, i am very happy with my family life, just sick of all the arrogant people from other cities that can't even sell out a football game (Hamilton, Toronto) ...

My brother-in-law's company is building it, what do you wanna know ?

Are they gonna bury a guy in the endzone like at Giants Stadium?

With the way Selinger is treating the unions here, I wouldn't be surprised if a few bodies went awol.

‘’’‘last hurdle crossed’…Winnipegs City Hall executive policy committee has given the green light and the go-ahead for the New Stadium today… Some said it was just a formality…but i like it when due diligence is paid to such a big project…soooooooooo START DIGGING GUYS… :thup: :rockin:

theres actually a fan forum tonight somewhere in wpg, cant remember where, i dont care that much to go sit inside and listen to asper and the sorts go over and show the plans to people but yeah its tonight. they will be showing the plans for the stadium which can be seen on pretty much anyways but yeah... tonight they are showing the "fans" the drawings and design of the building.

its happening and honestly who cares what other people think. people whined about mts centre for a few years but u dont hear them whining now. if people want to knock the stadium, let them. really.. u think anyone in wpg gives to craps what some person in hamilton or bc or toronto think or what some "bandwagon" negative fans on some other website think.. maan the freepress and sun articles, iTS like 5 people changing their names constantly.. what did people do b4 the internet.. seriously.

dont even get me started on the people on the othersite tho, i think they are a joke and they think they know all cuz theyve been around for 50 years watching. Im tired of that other site and dont even visit it anymore because to me, thats not what being a fan is about.

but yeah enough already, tthe stadiums being done, its happening. ppl in other parts of canada can whine all they want, it doesnt matter, people on the other site can whine all they want (fact is 90 percent of them live 2 blocks from polo park so ofcourse they are gonna whine), it doesnt matter. IT TRULY DOESNT MATTER what anyone says anymore because its happening and REALLY... thats all that matters. PEOPLE are always gonna complain about change.. some people dont like change.. but its happening. and yeah theres nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening.

The community meeting is at R.B. Schultz Theatre at St. John's College from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. tonight.

The forum was at Winnipeg hotel on Main street. Bomber board served cheap drinks to the few in attendance. How many drawings and designs has this been ?? Final stadium design will look a lot different than originally proposed. What we will get is welfare project to bridge a few unemployed lazy people. Get real. 115 million will not buy good stadium. It will look like cheap dump when finished.

Watched the Bombers win their last Grey Cup. :lol: :lol:

I figured you woul come out of hibernation Sanjay, problem is you are just like the other naysayer's in Winnipeg and all over Canada. As far as the meeting went, i was there, were you? NO, cause you are one of the bandwagon jumpers i was talking about, when the new stadium opens in 2011 you will be one of the bums walking around asking "do you have any tickets for sale". Please Sanjay give it a rest , i was at the meeting and the design and concept is EXACTLY the same as the one on, no changes, not scaled down and as a matter of fact they mentioned that the 115 Million is just a fugure and they would be willing to put up as much as 140 million if need be.

The new Stadium WILL NOT be a dump as you say, it will be a great facility for the Bombers and The CFL and it will absolutely be state of the art when it comes to CFL standards, hopefully other cities will follow Winnipeg and either fix up or build new facilities such as Saskatchewan (i wish them the best but it's a long process as we all know), Hamilton needs a New stadium as Ivor is beyond fixing, BC needs a smaller and better facility as BC place is an absolute dump and when you only get 25,000 - 30,000 people to a game the place looks empty, same goes for the Rogers Center, too big and is not one of the best stadiums to watch a game in, but who cares Toronto doesn't care about the CFL they're all to hyped on bringing in another losing team (the NFL Bills).

Montreal is expanding there stadium and it'll be a great/intimate atmosphere, Winnipeg will be playing in a new stadium in 2011, now hopefully other cities will follow these examples. CGY and EDM need major upgrades as well and if Ottawa comes back into the league and that is a big if they will need a new stadium altogether cause The frank/Lansdowne is beyond repair.

But seriously Sanjay, get a life man and have fun bagging for tickets in 2011 when we open the doors to OUR new state of the art CFL stadium.

Yup, sanj has to make _____ up now.

.....Well how else can sanjay present his big bowl of 'sour grapes'.....he would rather continue on his sordid little negative campaign.... throwing in a little b.s. as well...even though the stadium is a done deal......'Hey sanjay... WAKE-UP...the horse has left the barn'... :lol: :lol:

man oh man... PEOPLE SUCK..

no stadium plans?

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there it is..



a dump? how so? compared to what? a 90000 seat nfl stadium or that NOT GONNA HAPPEN cuz its regina.. stadium?

Looks great, and practical to boot. If I were a betting man I would say this is what Regina will end up with. Answers the need for it to be more multi season use than just Riders, 1/3 of the cost of their current plan, and not much more than the reported 100 million Taylor Field would need for upgrades and to make sure it doesn't fall over in the wind. If it would come to a vote among Sask citizens, with the above mentioned 3 option, I am sure this one would win.