Is anyone else as worried as I am?

Honestly now, does anyone else share the same fear as I do that we will take another severe beating tonight?

I'm gun-shy at this point and I can't in any way, shape or form see how we don't get blown out of the water again between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. tonight.

Is there anyone out there with an ounce of confidence in this footbal team left?

I'm not trying to bash our team (because they have taken enough beatings this season to last a life time) but I'm seriously scared to go to the game tonight.

P.S. And this has nothing to do with how "good" the Argos are......just how bad we are.

I think you will see an improvement in the offence today. Now I am not sure if the Cats will pull out a win but I guarentee you will see more than 8pts on their behalf.

The Cats can beat the Argos they did it twice in the preseason and almost beat them in the regular season. They have the talent and the Argos are more banged up than we are.

Have faith, management and the players know we have been let down..and they will try hard today being labour day. I just hope if they pull out a win that momentum carries on in weeks to come and doesnt fizzle after labour day as always

The day I walk into IWS thinking we'll lose is the day I'll quit attending.

I think were quite capable of winning and just as in every single game I've ever attended, I think we will.
I understand where you're coming from, we've taken enough hits this year that to expect another is fairly normal but for me I have to think we'll win or I'll stay home.

I wouldn't want to guarantee anything. This is the same team that has rolled over and played dead all season. Maybe emotion will carry the day. Meaningful improvement is in the future.

Well, even though I think we're going to lose and lose bad tonight, I'm still going to the game.

Maybe I don't have any optimistic views of this team left, but I'll never quit on them.

There's lots of reasons why the Cats should win. I just hope they don't.