is anybody worried yet?

Is anyone worried about the pre season, or do we not care 'cause it doesn’t count yet?

I do not think so Nealon needs reps and he will do okay. Crandell needs an apple and a road map. Played not bad against the Stamps and then the real Crandell showed up for the BC game. Hot and cold, but mostly cold. To bad he is a great guy but he just for some reason just does not have it anymore.

Not worried. Half our defense wasn’t there versus Stamps, and it showed in the opening quarter versus BC. And versus Bc, our rookies were in in the 4th when we lost it.

Don’t be so defensive why be defensive. It was preseason.

Not worried at all, like I said before, our first team offense and defense did a real good job. I just can’t wait to start the season so we can give it to the bombers in the opener.

preseason says nothing, its just the luck of getting veterans against rookies and how many rookies you have that decides the game. This often happens anyway

…course if the Riders were sitting at 2-0-0 after the PS you’d all be singing a different tune…I think PS games mean alot, not on the scorebaord of course, but in the building of team chemistry and overall confidence…losing both is going to raise some doubts, and there may be some second-guessing of coaching decisions and the like…using arguments like ‘well, it was the rookies that lost the game’ is a ruse designed to conceal worry…so be worried Priders, be very worried…

what kind of second guessing of coaching, should I have put in a different rookie, or maybe I should have left my veterans in a bit longer. Come on man what are you thinking, those losses mean nothing to there confidence, they are professionals and know how to deal with losing in Pre season.

…perhaps, we’ll see…

Yeah we’ll see alright. The best part is the season is about to begin so all the BS from Calgary about how they got the best o-line, the best d-line, the best blah blah blah blah blah will soon come to an end. The only bad part is the stamps have a bye this week so we’ll have to put up with it for a little while longer.
Got my tickets for the winterpeg game can’t wait!!

…perhaps, we’ll see…

I totally agree with you R/W. I have been quietly watching and reading what the Riders fans think and you are totally correct. They love to thump their chests and crow about how they are the best team in the league and on and on and on. For the first month I came on here 3 of 4 posts on everything was a Riders fan. Then the pre-season came along and all of a sudden all the Rider fans started dissapearing.

C’mon Rider fans. I know that you are knowledgable so what gives. Are you that shallow that you can’t even admit that maybe, just maybe there are other teams in this league. You seem to love criticizing every other team, but when yours struggles you clam up. Why is that? You were all ove the pre-season a few weeks ago and now you are wallowing in self-pity. A couple weeks ago you were as solid as everyone else in the league, if not more, at the QB position and now you are ready to hand Crandell an “apple and a road map”. That didn’t take long. What’s gonna happen when Greene gets injured. He has a long history of that and when you are a running QB you open yourself up to that possibility even more.

As the saying goes you are only one hit away from playing your backup. If that happens to the Lions, they have Printers. The Esks, they have Maas. The Stamps, well er Gesser I guess and the Bombers…???.. Can you tell me the answer if it happens to Greene?

You have a strong team there and should be a contender, but you need to stop being so self righteous about it and give a few other teams thier due. If you don’t you will end up being crucified in here and the only ones you will have to blame are yourselves.


Ah of course supertoe you are right, if someone said that about any team you are right. There are good fans and bad fans for every team, but just remember it doesn’t apply to all. :slight_smile:

How could we be worried about 2 pre-season losses? I’d much rather be a Riders fan right now than a Bombers fan or a Stamps fan. We’ll be looking much better after our crushing of Winnipeg this weekend and everyone will forget that we’ve lost 2 already, because those 2 mean nothing.

Roughrider fans may boast alot in the off season but then, if you are a Roughrider fan, what else is there to do. lol Cut them some slack. They certainly aren’t self righteous - at least I haven’t read anything of the sort nor do I recall any wallowing in self pity, but then I don’t live on this board. Methinks supertoe doesn’t know what self righteous means.

I will remember that Trav…good luck to your Riders, I wish them an injury free season.

Are you referring to the dennotative or connotative definition? In this particular case I would think that they are very close. I would also add that using the word “boast” to describe the attitude is very similar to using “self righteous”. LMFAO. Okay, chill a little, I’m just playin with ya. And I will give you the point on self pity and withdraw that one. Fair enough?

You don’t need to live on this board to know what I am referring to. Just go back and read some of the posts written in April etc. You won’t have to look too hard as I mentioned because the Rider fans are all over it. I think that Rider fans are as knowledgeable as they are passionate and there are a few that will show that knowledge by giving other teams their due. There are a lot more that would rather just bash other teams, or even if they don’t do that they are consistent with their “our players are the best-they can do no wrong-we will kick your ass” attitude.

There is no denying that they dominated CFL talk forum at one point before TC and the pre-season started. All of a sudden, there were fewer and fewer Rider posts. Why is that? Perhaps it was that people were busy doing other things. Perhaps they were just bored with posting. Perhaps they were posting on other sites or PERHAPS they were at a loss for things to say because their team wasn’t “tearing it up”.

Many Rider fans like to bring it “loud and proud”. You can call it boasting or bragging or whatever you want. Don’t you think that they should be able to accept and acknowledge it in the same manner when the team struggles as when it is doing well. If they can only post when it comes time to talk about how great the team and cannot come out and admit the team has weak spots, that is a SELF RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE whether you want to believe it or not.

Anyway, as I have stated, I am not referring to all Rider fans and if I have offended some, well, perhaps the reason they are offended is because it is true. The ones that post in an intelligent manner probalby won’t be pissed because they are open minded enough to realize that it wasn’t aimed at them.

Once again I wish the Riders good luck and an injury free season!


I take no offence supertoe. I am a huge Rider fan, but at the same time I am intelligent enough to realize that all teams have strengths and weaknesses, and that the Grey Cup is up for grabs every year. I think there will be a lot of great games this year in the CFL.

I think that all those fans who say that their team is going to win the Grey Cup are just setting themselves up for disappointment. If it was guaranteed which team was going to win the cup, then why would we even bother watching. I think the great thing about the CFL is that every team has a chance to go all the way, unlike some other sports leagues where there are the same teams at the bottom of the barrel year after year.

I have made the mistake in the past of boasting about how good the Riders are, only to have them stink it up in the regular season making me look like a fool. Now I have reserved myself to say that the Riders have a talented team, and I am just hoping for a good season.

Don’t worry, Supertoe. Even us Rider fans get annoyed at some of the boasts made about our team. It’s hard to boast truthfully when your team somehow seems to mess up every year. I want to boast about them, but it’s hard to not let reality (2 Grey Cups in how many years?) get in the way.
That being said, getting back to the preseason topic, I’m not too worried about the record, although I’d prefer to have the wins. We went 2-0 in the preseason last year, and that didn’t mean anything either (I think we’ve done it a few times recently). I do think that the issue of confidence can begin to come up, but that can easily be erased if they get a good start to the season. The real difficulty would be if they lose the first couple of games on top of the preseason games. Then fans will be getting antsy.
So how good is this Riders team? I’ve got questions. QB could turn out really good, but I’m not as confident as I wish I could be. Both QBs still have something to prove. On the whole, the team is decent, if not pretty good, but I’ll wait until mid-season to make a better analysis.
But whether they are 18-0 or 0-18, I’ll still cheer hard and loud for them every game, and wear their colors proudly. Besides, if the 23-years-between-Grey-Cups pattern holds up, they’ve got another 8 years before the Cup comes home! :smiley: God willing, though, it’ll be this year.

Two excellent thoughtfull posts there. Thanks for the response folks.