Is Any body else....

Is Any body else as stoked as i am to watch the rematch between EDM and WPG like honestly i don't remember the last time a group of players has spoken and pretty much indicated there will be revenge for nasty plays/players and basically that what the CFL issued to both team was to settle it on the field. So this one should be a DOOZIE!!!!

I wouldn't miss this rematch for the world. Do you think Tom Canada wishes he could play in this game? I think he'd love to tear the Eskies a new one.

i honestly don't know what to say, and that rarely happens.

I'm really excited for this game...Should be a great one...


I am super pumped for this game to.

I am pretty pissed that Cohon now issued the new mandatory suspension for head after he whimps out a suspension on barrenchea. I agree with suspension for shots like that but if the league is going to enforce this rule barrenchea should have been the first one to take the hit for it. what a coward move to let him off the hook.

Excellent post by footballmad. I couldn’t put it better myself.

It's killin him to not be there. The better question might be - Would that hit have happened if Canada was playing?

Well, if the league had put the rules in place before this incident, he would have been suspended. But since the new rules weren't in place, they knew a suspension would have been overturned by an arbitrator.

But I was also looking forward to this game. But I almost changed the channel to some college ball when you guys went up 14-2 in the first quarter. Not sure where the Eskimos were in the first quarter...

We could end up with another rematch if you guys can hang on to second in the East and we fail to catch the other teams in the West.

I understand that. and the league is weak because of arbitrating suspensions. they need to hire a guy that can sit there and just say no he is suspended. lol. but ya heres my reasoning for it being cowardly by the league. this hit is what prompted them to look into the rule and say ok this deserves a suspension but lets not suspend the guy who made the hit. the league is pretty much saying ok what he did would have been a susepension and we will change our rulings to make sure it is but lets just let him go free to do it again. is sickened me that he got let free and then more so when they changed it.

I don't think it was a response to just the hit on Glenn. I think it was a response to the Gass helmet toss, the Jimenez roll, and the hit on Glenn. The latter was sort of the last straw.