Is Anthony Calvillo just here to break Allen's records?

His play has been inconsistent and dispassionate. He seems content to coast through the season, break Damon Allen's yardage record in passing and retire.

At 6-5, I think AC already has retirement on his mind. What do you think?

If he would of thrown for 400 yards and 6 td's would you of made this thread? Seriously what do you care? You do know that we only lost by 2 points, yes he was off, but don't you think its only his fault? Who leads in yards and td's? Enough said!

No. He's playing to win the Grey Cup.

well, let's see..........Calvillo is the top rated QB in the CFL in ALL categories..

1st in yardage @ 3,358 yds
1st in TD's @ 23 TD's
1st in passer rating @ 103.8 efficiency
Lowest INT total @ 4 INT's
Best TD-INT ratio

And he had an "off day" for him by passing for 258 yards, 2TD's and 0 INT's today. If he had those numbers every game, he would still rate as the #1 QB in the CFL at years end.

Calvillo is still the best QB in the league by far. Why would he retire?

I don't comprehend this thread at all. :?

This topic is a joke.

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Anthoney Calvillo has a good head on his shoulders. He’s playing because he’s healthy and enjoys the game. As I’m a bomber fan I have a great respect for him. I wish there would be more players in the league like him. Hope to see him play for more years to come.

I was upset by this topic title, AC is a competitor who plays to win, final.

Yep, AC is definitely not in the game. That's the only plausable explanation for Richardson dropping easy catches and a couple other guys running the wrong routes and not being where the ball is supposed to go.


I'm curious what prompted this? Maybe you think it's also his fault that the defense got torched in the first quarter despite the offense having the ball almost 10 of the 15 minutes?

AC always plays with a lot of heart, and he's a smart player as well, he does get beat up in some games and it really looks like he struggles to get back up at times. It's not a surprise, he has taken alot of tough hits in the last few seasons. I don't think he is the type of player that just goes out and looks for new records to set, the only one he plays for is the win. It was interesting listening to his short interview during the game today talking about Buck Pierce, he appreciates how he plays but at the same time is more concerned at "how" he plays, takes too many hits. I like a QB the fights for the yards instead of sliding, but an injured QB isn't any good to anyone.

Maybe he had a bit of an off day, and maybe his play is dropping off a bit, but come on. At 90% of his play the last couple of years he's still the best QB in the league. Statistically he's still the #1 QB in the league. Maybe he misses a couple passes he would not have missed before, but he's still awesome.

Calvillo: 22 for 39 (54.6%). That sounds more like happy feet than a smart QB. If that's AC's attitude, the Bombers will have fun chasing him down should the Als get by Hamilton in the East Semi-final (iffy).

cause no QB has ever had a bad game in his life

Calvillo: 257 for 407 (63.1%). 3358 yards, 23 TDs, 4 INTs, 103.8 rating.

Yeah, he sucks.

I don't think at any point in CFL history has their been a bigger gap between the top quarterback and the others.
There's AC and than there's the rest. Buck, Hank, Durant, nobody can even hold Calvillo's jockstrap.

There's no question he had a bad game today, but he's easily the best QB in the league at 38, Why on earth would he retire?
Even with a bad game, Calvillo had a chance to win the game if not for bad play calling.

Anthony Calvillo, like Danny McManus before him, is an average pocket-passer surrounded by a strong supporting cast.
Damon Allen is a great athlete and no matter how long Calvillo punches the clock, he'll never be half the QB Allen was.
Don't kid yourselves.

damon allen was only a moderate QB. He only got the stats because of longevity. He doesnt rate very high in all time passer rating, or in any top season stats. Yet, one must ask, what does DA have to do with your topic anyhow???

There is no way you are serious. Unless you just started watching football and don't really understand it.


Anthony Calvillo, like Danny McManus before him, is an average pocket-passer surrounded by a strong supporting cast. Damon Allen is a great athlete and no matter how long Calvillo punches the clock, he'll never be half the QB Allen was. Don't kid yourselves.
Well, I wish that "average pocket passer" was on my team with the greatest QB statistics in CFL history along with his three Grey Cup championships.

oh, and isn't it funny how Calvillo broke Allen's all-time records in 6 years less time than Allen?

But Calvillo had nothing to do with it right? It is the other players on the team who did that right?

Besides a good supporting cast that AC has enjoyed for years, he's had the luxury of playing the same system year after year. AC's an efficient, methodical, QB. Allen won 4 Grey Cups with 4 different teams and ran for 11,920 yards besides.

Are you going to compare AC to Lancaster? Moon? Flutie? Get real!!! AC's a blue-collar QB that punches the clock and does the same thing, game after game. The second his system breaks down, he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off as he did yesterday against the Bombers. The mark of a great QB is the ability to improvise; something AC doesn't have.

The Al's days as champions are numbered, as are AC's. His retirement party began yesterday.