We have been asking and pretty much answered the similar question for Damon Allen.
In the two games so far, there are parallels as it seems Anthony is immobile, although he was never fleet on his feet, after getting sacked what seven times in the Winnipeg game.
I don't recall the number last week against the Riders, but there was a similar scenario.
He cant throw down field, mostly outlet passes innafective and just like Jason Maas in Hamilton.
The Als had chances to win both games and last week he threw three picks in the critical red zone.
Unfortunately the Als do not have a capable back up so presumabely they have to stick with him.

Wow I think it is more the offensive scheme being used. This team looks in disaray.

Giving up what.....15 sacks? the first two games places the blame squarely on the O-Line, in my opinion....kinda hard to get the ball off when your guys don't give you time to do so.....

I've been unimpressed with him since last season, to be honest, though.....

The other question which needs to be asked is whether Jim Popp is a head coach.
He is a great GM and talent evaluator, but a HC?

I agree, the Oline for the Als looks terrible. I wonder if Okeke might look better on the field an off of it.

This is my response to your questions, but copied from the previous thread...

I'd say the bigger problem in Montreal is on the O-line. 8 sacks against last week vs Sask, and another 7 tonight. It's tough to put all the blame on Calvillo with that kind of protection!

No that's true, the line looks like swiss cheese.
But AC looks even slower then usual?
You would think the OC in seeing the line is having trouble, would mix it up somewhat by using varios motions and rollouts, toss in the odd screen. Don't make it easy for the defense who basically pin their ears back and tee off on the ageing QB.

Well it seems that if the Als continue to play like this the Tigercats could make it to the playoffs this year! :slight_smile:

I don't think there's anything wrong with AC other than frustration. He's called his own plays with success for how long? And suddenly they promote Marcel to O coordinator after he had limited success in the same position in Saskatchewan and he reverts to his boring controlled offence.

You could also put some blame on Popp and his decision to take over the head coaching position that I don't think he's qualified to be in, at least not with all the other jobs at the same time.

Ya thats exacly what I said that offensive scheme was not very good and it was very predictable.

I was starting to think that on that sack in the second half when the Winnipeg player blew right by his replacement!

I think dust hit it on the head... The OC coordinator ( Marcel B)! Didn't the Rider fans tar and feather him out of town a few years ago? jm02, roughy, sambo, I beleive this is the same guy you were trying to get rid of a few years ago?????

Someone else made a good point, the O-line is just awful for the Al's this year. I wonder how they justify cutting Okeke now?

Done and done, Sporty.....and I recall some Als fans saying he wouldn't be all bad when they landed him.....and I recall laughing when they said it.....ah, fond memories..... 8)

I dont understand why they need to change the way he throws. He has played his entire career with a 5 step dropback and now they want him to change to 3.

The guy passes for 50,000 yards in his career and they want to change his style?

If it aint broke....dont fix it!

The best part about that, jm02, is that now it is only a distant memory.

Oh how I don't miss the 3 play playbook

  1. shotgun draw

2.hitch pass to a standing still receiver

3.7 yard out on 2 and ten.

Yes, I think that Cavillo will fair no better than Nealon Green did under that OC. Marcel will make EVERY QB look average or worse. Montreal has only shown out patterns for receiver this year and most for short yardage.

AC isn't done, he just doesn't have all the pieces around him like he used to. No qb is going to get it done with the kind of pressure he has faced in the last two games from defences.

...what's with this new dropback technique he is using, sidestepping instead of backpeddling (or was it vice versa, I can't remember) this point in his career why teach an old dog new tricks!?!?....if he's been successful thus far doing what he was doing what in god's green earth makes him, or Bellefelleyupgotthatspellingwrong or Popp think that changing it now will be better...

Agreed Red, but there were signs going back to last year how AC's arm appeared questionable as for whatever reason he was unable to make that downfield mid range pass.
Boy has that been evident during the first two games.