Is Addiction a disease, or just being selfish

People are already forgiving the two murders in Saskatchewan. Saying its not their fault



People are blaming "trauma" as well.. like that excuses murdering 11 strangers in cold blood.

The SJWs have destroyed the justice system and this is the fruit of it

Are the victims any less dead?

I don’t care what his excuses are, his actions and results say all I need to hear. The rest is distraction and rationalization.


let God judge mitigating circumstances and intent. Man's law should, for the most part, only be concerned with the crime.

If ANY addiction is a disease then they are the only diseases that the patient can cure himself and by self restraint. Can't do that with cancer or malaria or any other malady.
I have always felt an addiction is pure selfishness. Calling it a disease is an excuse to make it seem the addict is not responsible.

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God and SJW's

Gonna be a great thread.


who are SJWs?

Tis very rare that an addiction can be cured by oneself, and very few people have the strength for self restraint to not indulge in ones addiction. Happens, but dont blame the weaker people

I have a few addictions, including Pepsi. In spite of my Diabetes, I cannot willingly refrain from drinking 1 - 2 litres a day. Many day more. I am not making light of addictions when I talk about Pepsi. I have worse addiction.

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Just curious. Is there a reason you don’t drink Diet Pepsi? I drink the same amount as you but Diet Dr. Pepper.

the stuff they use instead of sugar is actually worse for you. My wife stopped drinking it a long time ago.

I have never liked the taste of any fake sugar pop. Actually, I did sort of like Fresca 50 years ago.


Addiction is a mental illness. Just because it only affects the brain and not other parts of the body doesn't make it any less of a disease.


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Funny but I have the opposite view.

When I was a teenager working in a hot kitchen I drank about 10 pops a day. I switched to diet pop in its infancy because the sugar was just too much. Early diet pop wasn’t great except for Fresca and Tab. It’s now much better. I got used to diet pop and now real pop tastes like maple syrup to me. I also know many people who drink regular pop, but will only mix drinks with diet pop so as not to kill the taste of the fine whisky or rum or whatever you are drinking.

I get it that some people don’t like the artificial sweetener taste, but you are wrong about aspartame. There is not one credible study ever that has proven that it has ill effects on health. Sugar is the worst food on earth, even if you are not diabetic. It is many times worse than any artificial sweetener.

yeah, I checked on that today and to me it is inconclusive. Probably ok but ya never know. What they used in first Fresca, Cyclamates, was banned after just a few years.

There have certainly been a few sweeteners over the years that have been pulled. The worst you can say for aspartame is inconclusive, but even that is a bit strong and you need to feed a pickup truck full to a rat for it to develop even one lesion. The health detriments of sugar, however, are clear and overwhelmingly negative. The sugar industry does have one of the most powerful lobbies in the world of any product.

Lobby or not, I just like what I like. For some time now I just live for today. Too stressful trying to resist desire, unless it is one that hurts other poeple

Addiction is caused by the substance. IE an addiction to opioids is addiction, cigarettes and nicotine - addiction.

Other things we call addictions are in fact habituation's. THC for instance...there is no addiction, just habituation. Caffeine - habituation.

I have had issues with addiction and opioids. Several times. It was caused by something related to PTSD called recalled pain where your brain can create phantom pain like pain experienced with trauma that seems very real, and in my case could be debilitating at times.

I believe, from personal experience that you can overcome addiction - if you choose to. There's help for overcoming it too. But you have to choose to use that help and choose to end your addiction every day, every hour, and when your dependence ends, you still need to choose not to become addicted again, every day, every hour.

My cousin's mom stole her son's credit card numbers and maxed his credit card out in one night at a local pub playing VLT's.
Is that her fault, cause to call that anything other than being a bad person would not be true. She consciencely stole her son's numbers because she knew he would not report her. If it was truely an illness, she would be stealing other people's cards as well. She is aware enough not to do thst in order to avoid jsil however. This woman is 75 years old btw

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With my OWN willpower and nothing else I quit smoking cigarettes 12 years ago after a 40 year addiction to tobacco/nicotine. I quit cold turkey. Did I ever consider my addiction a disease ? No way. It was my choice to start smoking in the first place and my choice to continue doing so. I blame no one but myself for smoking and I give no one but myself a pat on the back for quitting.
People with REAL diseases like cancer CANNOT quit the disease with willpower. It is a disease, not an addiction. Yes people will always be addicts BUT they can control the desire of the addiction.
Calling an addiction a disease only makes it harder for the addict to quit because it gives them legitimacy to continue(poor you,it isn't your fault) and it is another crutch they can lean on. I
I've heard all the excuses and used them myself. Addiction is not a disease.
A disease is defined as " A particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not immediately due to an external injury."
Taking a pill, smoking a cigarette, shooting serum into your arm, drinking a liquid, snorting a powder, can all be classed as "EXTERNAL INJURIES " !
We can argue whether or not I am still a nicotine addict but i have no desire at all to ever smoke again. I don't even think of cigarettes anymore. Can't do that with a disease.


You may not believe the studies, but there is some evidence with even the US FDA weighing in on the matter though I would agree one is not in some great danger and the like. To state there is absolutely no negative effect is also not true all the same. Obviously more research is needed.

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