Is a Top-Level Ticat Management Conspiracy Behind McMahon?

Now I may be crazy (good odds there) but try this out.

Our friend McMahon did NOT begin posting until this season. The number of his posts has increased as the 'Cats have done worse and worse.

Is it just possible that McMahon is a creation of the Ti-Cat brass to pull the attention of members away from the team?

Has he not, to a large extent, succeeded by bringing controversy upon himself?

Is it possible that, if the Cats win, the fictitious ‘McMahon Character’ will fade away into history?

Can’t you see the scene now. Ronnie and Rob and Bob are sitting around late at night and somebody comes up with this as a wild… ‘I dare you.’

The next day, in a business meeting, their eyes meet and they all know that here is the chance for some of their first fun this year. One by one the wild ideas pop from their lips and… McMahon is born!

No, because every time I point out to the mods that Bozo the Spammer is at it again, it gets dealt with. :wink:

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

Could be true but what does McMoron think? I don't make a move without McMorons input.

It's all part of the conspiracy.

The excess amount of attention you give McMahon is a quality indicator that it takes little to entertain you.

Hence the need to post in a thread about him, bumping it. :wink:

It's's not as entertaining as it is ironic. :smiley:

Mr. Oski-Oui-Oui seems to be protesting a bit much.

How do we even know that there IS a real Oski-Oui-Oui?

LMAO...true. :wink:

Well, enough people have seen me around here to mitigate your concerns. :slight_smile:

Oski...Oui Oui! :wink:

Has anybody seen me? Maybe I don't exis...

Unfortunately, sh## happens, and your posting is an example of more than once. Are you being entertained?

If that was really a jet plane that struck the Pentagon, why was there no wreckage resembling a plane?


Mcmahon is probably the guy who made the documentary spreading that noise.

I didn't know Ed McMahon even followed CFL Football...?

I'd like to officially apologize for this post now! Thank You.

Is that a sincere apology... or does Ruff just want us to THINK that it is? Hmmmm....

Is Ed McMahon alive or does he just want us to THINK that he is? Hmmmm....

Darn, you caught me, I really wasn't being sincere.
I would however like to officially apologize for not being sincere the first time I officially apologized. Thank You.

Perhaps you're really Ed McMahon?

Seriously, I think if I was really Ed McMahon I'd have far better things to do with my time than post on this site,
don't you?

Guys, guys, you got it all wrong. Ed McMahon isn't the one most of us are speculating whom McMoron is. Think of someone who has had a history of spinning storylines and links to football in the past. Yup, most of us believe that this guy is Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself, co-creator of the abomination once known as the XFL (which was once believed to be Vince's attempt to get into football after a rumoured ploy to buy into the CFL failed).

Is Vince McMahon related to Ed McMahon?