is a QB Trade Coming ?

Is a QB Trade Coming I hope so .

We have no Idea if Zack will be ready for Labour day
Dan IMO is gone for year with a Knee
Jeremiah can’t throw at all should be cut or Traded .
Steven Mcgree Not ready to carry and 1-6 Football Team

We need to trade for QB Glen or Drew Tate needs to be here for Labour day

You may have no idea when ZC will be ready, but I would expect that the team and their medical staff have a very good idea.

I do agree that the initial sights and soundbites re: DL are very unsettling and I too don't expect him to be back on the field any time soon; certainly not Labour Day.

Based on the speculation that ZC was going to practice in pads about a week ago, my gut says he will be on the field leading our first team offence at our next practice. Just my guess though!

If you think we need an experienced QB like Drew Tate, what would you be prepared to give up? Starters? Draft picks? The Cats would not be dealing from a position of strength and therefore could get fleeced. I hope they stay the course and continue to try and develop their own, rather than seek a quick band-aid solution. If you're in this for the long haul, then coach up the quarterbacks you have. :thup:
Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I question whether any quarterback could survive in this offense right now. We completely ignore the run game and instead ask a bad offensive line to pass protect all night while the QB throws 6-10 yard passes to a bunch of slow receivers.

Also, Calgary is not giving up Tate. The Lions aren't giving up Glenn either.

We send Masoli, 2nd round pick 2015 WR Tasker for Tate and 3rd round 2015 Pick .

I agree but have to try the QB on Roster are not doing the Job.

Poor coaching..............nuff said

This. I enjoyed it a few years ago when Rick Zamperin was filling in for the other guy on the 5th quarter, and after the umpteenth caller saying "cut this guy, fire that guy", Zamperin said something along the lines of "if you're going to call and say the team should fire somebody, you should be able to tell us who they should hire as his replacement".

Just like in trade talk, people can't see past the end of their nose. If you want something of value, you have to give up something of value.


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8) That silly rumour that ZC was going to practice in pads last week was quickly dispelled by Austin.
  He stated that he doesn't know how these rumours get started, but ZC is no way ready to start practising in pads yet !!
  I don't expect him back any time soon !!
8) That silly rumour that ZC was going to practice in pads last week was quickly dispelled by Austin.
  He stated that he doesn't know how these rumours get started, but ZC is no way ready to start practising in pads yet !!
  I don't expect him back any time soon !!

Something has to be done at QB Pos

Cause Austin has dug a huge hole for the Team

Now he has to dig us out at the QB spot

HAM has the funniest fans in the league.

Even if Zach were in pads tomorrow, or we swung a trade for Darian Durant, it still takes time for a quarterback to prepare and/or shake off rust. Assuming LeFevour is still hurt, the only way the Cats don’t get whipped up and down the field on Labour Day is if Masoli puts up a star performance. Is that how people want to open up THF: watching our team get eviscerated by Ricky Ray?

8) On the post game interview between Steve Milton and Drew Edwards, Milton stated that if ZC is not ready to come back
  any time soon, and the Cats have now lost LeFevour, then they will have to try and make a QB trade with another CFL

  He said they need a QB who has played in the CFL and has game experience, not some rookie being brought in !!

  But as some on here have mentioned, we are not in a position of strength to make a deal right now !!
   About the only 3 experienced QB's that would be of any value to us would be, Kevin Glenn,  Tate or Thomas DeMarco.

   I don't see those teams giving up those guys, unless the offer from Hamilton was just too good to pass up !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

And that is almost a Lock IMO with NO QB No -line no run game.
You can’t win without these …
Atleast give us a Chance to win with a CFL Ready QB like Tate.

So our two starting quarterbacks are hurt and Austin has dug us into a hole? :roll:

To help things along in our mythical quest to have a quick fix, may I humbly suggest this in keeping with the overall tone of this thread so far:

  1. Find a QB experienced in Condell's system.

  2. Shake Rocky Butler's hand. Be careful since it hasn't thrown a ball in real action since 2006.

  3. Have Condell, Austin, and others involved with the offense sit down with Butler to agree to a pared-down playbook to get him up to speed.

  4. Pass around napkins.

  5. Have Rocky choose his favourite colour(s).

  1. Wait for Tom's next set of instructions. :wink:

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Of course, because he didn't have a starter-quality QB at third string, like every other team has. :roll:

Losing Lefevour is not a disaster. HAM was not going to win with him anyway. He tries hard with the skills he had but the truth is you cant win without the arm strength to stretch a defense.

Suitor blathered on and on about how well Fantuz was covered but its obvious if HAM can only pass underneath and med. length routes - its not hard for a defender to be in the right places most of the time. Deek and dunk only gets you so far.

The real disaster is when ZC went down. The offense, the whole game plan leading into the season, was designed for him and him alone . So to try and blame losing on anything else but that is silly.

Before panicking and making a costly trade for a another question mark QB that would only be short term I’d prefer to give McGee a shot first. At least then you know the cupboard is bare.