Is a play-off spot....slipping away ?????

Onknight you should be involved with this team you seem to know a lot more than those Bozzo's down at the stadium. :thup: :thup: :thup:

8) If MB does indeed start Porter in Montreal, then MB's credibility as a Head Coach has to be questioned.
 Starting Porter would indicate that MB has given up on any hope of making the playoffs this year.  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Slipping away? I'd say they're giving it away. In what looked to be a turn around year for the team after some G*d-awful seasons, Marcel has decided to go with a losing script week after week. After finally getting some decent players in key posions, to hand the #1 QB job to an unproven guy going into training camp was crazy. But then to stick to that plan, loss after loss.... Well if the Cats fail to make the playoffs, it's on the coaching staff's heads, especially MB's noggin.

Very frustrating season. This should've been the season to form the foundation for the next 5-6 years but it's become a nightmare.

An Argo-Cat fan

If the coahes can't motivate our Ticats to play at an intense level for 60 minutes in a must win game, we don't deserve the playoff spot anyway.

It's maddening for Ticat fans to watch Bishop throw 30 yard completions at will, while we are afraid to go for a 3rd and 1 when we're 21 points down.

Maybe the coaches deserve a lot more of the blame than they are getting.

Marcel has had a boner for Qinton ever since he was an OC and despite all of the support and "affection" Quinton has not established himself over the course of 18 to 20 games, he looks worse than he did last year !

Marcel understands that you need to find and groom the next AC or RR to be successful and he believes Porter is that guy. Results point to something different. So Marcel and OB have to decide who's to blame. Porter ? or Gibson ? Might even be both. The Oline also has to be examined.

We stunk. Plain and simple. Porter stunk, Glenn stunk, our receivers stunk, our defense stunk and our coaching stunk. DeAndra had over 5 yards per carry, but we chose not to use him to slow Winnipeg down.
An all out stinker for the Cats. This team is going nowhere if they continue to play like this.

Blame it on whomever you want, but this was a team effort. The fact we scored in the fourth will excite some, but I believe it is just an indication of Winnipeg letting down.

It will come down to the final game in Winnipeg.
Edmonton has a shot at winning 3 of their last 4 games. They get Toronto twice.
Hamilton has an easier schedule over the next 4 games than Winnipeg however Winnipeg has shown improvement during the season whereas the Ticats have not.
Best the Cats can hope for at this point is a playoff game in another city.

What ?

Ticats currently have a split with Winnipeg.

Winnipeg plays Montreal twice, highly unlikely they win even one. So the ticats winning two of the last four provided one of those wins is against Winnipeg and they probably host a home game. Two of Four is likely to do it.

The playoff spot is gone.

No it is not. Unless the team quits. That would be very sad.

You bring up the possibility of playing in the Eastern Semi-Final on the road. I hadn't thought of that and doubt many others have either. HAM could end third behind WPG with a record equal to or better than the fourth place Western team and play the semi in WPG. And, believe it or not, there's still the very, very, very slim possibility of HAM playing the semi in TOR! That would happen if ALL of the following occurs:

TOR wins all 4 remaining games to finish with 14 pts.
WPG beats BC and loses their other 3 to finish with 14 pts.
HAM wins only in WPG and finishes with 14 pts.
BC loses all 4 remaining games and finishes with 14 pts.
EDM beats BC in the final week after losing all of their other 3 and finishes with 14 pts.

BC would get 3rd in the West based on their 2-1 record with EDM.
EDM would not qualify for a cross-over as their record is not better than the 3rd place Eastern Team.
The 3-way tie for 2nd in the East would go to TOR based on their 4 total wins over the other two tied teams. (WPG and HAM would each have only 3)
That leaves WPG & HAM tied for third and HAM gets it, based on their 2 &1 record vs. WPG

For those of you that think the "team" has a shot at the playoffs, keep on dreaming because that is all it is, a dream.

Considering the number of dropped balls vs the Bombers, those are mistakes that can be corrected. The Ti-Cats may seem like things are slipping away, but getting back to the basics, and not trying to be cute will be the tonic needed to turn their fortunes.

If the Bombers can go on a three game winning streak, what's stopping the Ti-cats? Only a lack of faith in themselves!!

O.K. - here is my 2 cents worth.
For all the Porter bashers out there - I cannot disagree. BUT - only to be fair to Porter, I am convinced he is injured.
I don't recall which game, but it was early on in the season, and Porter banged up his hand. On the T.V. replays, there was a shot of him juggling a water bottle, and he kept dropping that damn thing.
I don't think he has recovered from it, which likely explains his fumbles.
BUT - it does not explains the coach(es) decision to keep on playing him, knowing full well he is still injured. At that time already they should have played Glenn, for that reason alone...

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I agree: three of Winnipeg's remaining games are at home (and,yes, I think they can beat Montreal). I see Winnipeg finishing 9-9, the Cats will go 8-10. Winnipeg will host Edmonton in the Eastern Semi.

Renew for 2010 now!

So you think Edmonton will go 3-1 down the stretch ? :roll: