Is a play-off spot....slipping away ?????

The Cats are digging a hole…they might not be able to climb out of, as far as a play-off spot goes.
This love-affair thing with Porter as starter…is looking more and more like what the Argo Head Coach
has been doing with Picket as the starter in Toronto. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
Porter…again, showed exactly why he is still not ready to be a starter.
Watching him play…is like watching a deer, frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car.
Porter may someday be a starter in the CFL, but from what was seen in the Winnipeg game…that day is still a long…long way, down the road.
Unless Marcel gives Glenn the starting role…and all the time at practice, to get his timing down with the receivers, all I see is a play-off spot…slipping away in 2009.

( one very peed-off fan ) :cry: :cry: :cry:

8) How right you are SJRiley, the Porter experiment is over as of tonight.
 The fans have had enough of this nonsence.

  If Marcel wants to keep starting Porter at this point, then he has no interest in making the 

 playoffs at all !!

With the utter joke Winnipeg and Toronto have been this year it’s embarrassing that the TiCats are in a playoff race with either of them. We need to get lucky and win the last game of the year now. Although I’ll be glad for Bob to finally get a playoff game, the way the team is playing the outcome is not looking like time well invested for the fans.

Tipper....I don't know why Marcel keeps starting Porter. As it is just not working...if any thing...Qinton is regressing and getting even worse, than improving.
All I know is that as a fan...I personally would have liked to see this Porter love-affair stater thing ended 3 or 4 games ago. I don't know about the rest of the Hamilton fans...but for me, I most certainly have had enough of this nonsence...period. :thdn:

Maybe its his illegitimate son ?
There has to be Sound logical explanation for MB to keep starting this
Garbage Qb that has lost all confidence in him self and our confidence in him weeks ago ...
Porter is done as of today im sure>>>>> .if there is one thing good that comes out of a nightmare day at The IWS today Porters done ..... I

I wanted to believe Porter was turning a corner, but after that first quarter. I agree the Porter experiment is over for this season.

I know that are Offensive coordinator isnt very creative but when Porter fumbles twice in the first quarter after his recent history of fumbling and turning the ball over. It shows me that he isnt aware and is not learning. It`s easy, hang on to the ball. The defense knows you will run it and therefore they will try and punch the ball out.

This is very fustrating to watch this team continuously fall behind in the first quarter.

If they start Glenn and give him first team reps, then hopefully this team can make the playoffs!

To answer the question.....UH...YEAH...definitely slipping away.

8) I think it has already slipped away !! :roll:

This is the only way.....the Cats have any chance to make a play-off spot.
We as fans had better hope that Glenn can get the timing thing down with the receiving core....real fast, as it normally takes several do that. ( That is what the begining of the season is for.)
But....before that can even start....Glenn has to be given the starters role, and all the reps in practice.
Presuming Marcel....does that.
At this point ?????? Who knows just what our Head Coach is going to do.
I would not be totally shocked....if he started Porter, again, next week. :thdn:

One Word Can Tell about Quinton "SHELLSHOCKED"
We did that to another QB and he left Town
He now is Hall of Famer in Waiting with Montreal
He gose by the Letters A.C.

Me too, I would be totally shocked if they started Porter next week. I have a feeling it will be Glenn for the rest of the season.

...while AC has come "Out of his Shell", in Mtl, based on the Ticat coaching dynamic (while in the Hammer) he had nevous feet, and wasn't a good Qb during that time. To look in the rearview mirror is for naysayers. What you had is gone, what wasn't traded for is lost. Build for today....NOT tomorrow.
These are the smart learnings of many to which most fall short..........if only many could learn.
(What happens to MTL's more of the interesting question when AC leaves.......'cause they aren't developing a newbie......yet)


I like Porter and I like Glenn.

To me, no matter who starts, we aren't giving ourself a good chance to win.

We need an offensive co-ordinator who knows the CFL game, who knows how to establish the run, who knows how to move the pocket, who knows how to run pick plays, who knows how to run end arounds, who knows how to run RB screens, who knows how to run WR screen, who knows how to set up the pass and run properly.

I could scheme defensively for this offense. The offense has no identity and no threats.

I agree Alan. No QB could captain this ship. We might miss the playoffs and it won't be the fault of the QB. Its a total team failure. Man the D stunk out the join the first half BEFORE they could blame the offense for being on the field too long

Hell....I will take it one step further.

OnKnight was right-on, again.
I read his post on Porter at his website. If anyone has not you should.
Porter should be at 3rd string...behind Adam.
Simple truth.
Shellshocked....and now....damaged goods.

Next week in Montreal we're going to get spanked, and Toronto seems to have our number this year. That leaves just SSK who were are 0-1 against and Winnipeg who are on a roll and we are 1-1 against. Play-offs are quickly fading, players need to be kicked in the arse or something this is no time to be lax.

I think if MB starts Porter next week it will do more harm than good,only because I think Porter has lost the confidence he once had.
If MB starts him in the next game and he plays poorly than I fear he will never regain it.
I think its better to let him finish the season as a backup to Glenn and try and learn by observing and then let him try and win the starters roll in the next training camp.

Porter needs to be sidelined until next year for sure. I have no problem with us continuing the development of Porter.... just not now. Put it on hold, and pick it up again in TC. Let him start the first games of '10 and see how he does. If i'm not mistaken, we only signed Glenn to a 1 year deal, so hopefully re-signing him is on Obie's schedule.

Hey 15_championships,I guess your going to have that beard a little longer eh?lol

I can agree with that sentiment. No emotional baggage to confuse the real issue.