Is a Boycott an option

If the TiCats lose next week in Montreal should we, the fans, boycott the next home game Friday July 24th?

Hear me out, I've had time to sleep on it.

If this Team were a Publically traded company and we, the fans, were the stockholders we would get some say into the direction of this club.

We ARE a good team and we HAVE good players and good coaching. But we have to get our act together.

Will having no one at one game mean anything or make a difference?

If nothing else, it's a way for the fans of this team who have spent our money, given our time, shown our support, defended the team in bad times (those of you who work in Toronto and have Argo friends know exactly what I mean)and been there for the good times, to make a statement.
Fans have returned to the stadium.
They have shown the league that Football DOES belong in Hamilton.
They have given so much and have recieved little in return.

Lets send a loud and clear message not only to the Franchise but to the other citys, the leauge, and the Sports World in general that the Fans are as much a part of a team as the players, coaches and management.

1 single game for us all to step back and say "We Are Not Happy"

Im sure if the Spectator, CHML and CHTV were brought on board this could work.


I never post here but I feel I need to on this one...

Yea, a fan boycott is a GREAT idea. It worked out really well in Ottawa - fans boycotted the team right out of the league.

Keep going to games and boo them. And keep thanking the good lord that Bob Young came around to pick your team up out of bankruptcy.

I am just as angry as everyone else BUT a boycott is not an option.

We all bleed Black & Gold and it's because we take this seriously (maybe to much) that we are this angry.

Bob Young and his staff are trying (yes,the product on the field is still not where it should be)and they are not going to sit around and do nothing

Keep complaining when there is something to complain, praise people when it's warranted but most of all KEEP SUPPORTING THE TEAM

In the words of Bill Clinton, 72er

"I feel your pain"


We love those Cats those Tiger Cats

the team with the sprit and fight...

How many games are left?

15!! I can hardly wait.

Didn't some of those boys really try their guts out last night, eh?

Too bad about some of the mental errors.

Bob young not only saved the tigecats but the whole cfl, you can see in other teams and the league things that Bob has influenced. i will buy season tickets for as long as i have a job to pay for it and i will go to every game. Just like a marriage boys through the good times and the bad.

Is storming the field an option .

Lets get the refs!

Had they built a moat around the track at Civic Stadium, the refs would be safe. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just kidding...the refs are less of a worry for me right now.

Oski Wee Wee,

I do not support any notion of a boycott.

Oski Wee Wee,

I do not support any notion of a boycott.

Oski Wee Wee,

I do not support any notion of a boycott.

Oski Wee Wee,

I wont boycott... the last time i heard that it was some soapbox speech about Danny Mac and "I will not sit through another game of him"

Well get the coaches, the QB, and the receivers and we're still no better.

I wouldnt boycott then and I wont boycott now.

Real fans dont boycott, they stick by their team on gameday, but we also know that this site isnt full of "real fans"

As I just pointed out in a PM here just now, ask the Arizona Cardinals about the power of boycotts. The difference between the "principled" boycotter and the apathetic no-show fan fizzles at the empty seat, as far as I am concerned.

Oski Wee Wee,

i think some people post ridiculous things on here just to see their names on the internet. what exactly would you be boycotting, we had an amazing offseason of player signings, a new kicker has already been brought in to try for a starting spot, and whether the head coach stays or goes is in the hands of someone alot higher up than the fans, so basically your wanting a boycott is a terrible senseless idea, some fan you are,

Go big or go home. Wanna relly get their attention?

For all those suggesting a boycott, I propose you select the most bitter, angry "fan" from among your ranks. Next game, the winner walks up to the top row, screams some vitriolic diatribe about how life is not worth living when the Cats lose three games, and hurls himself over the edge.

That'll get you more attention than any old boycott.

Sure, boycot the team.

And without the CFL there, what would you do?

I realize emotions can run high when fans are frustrated but some of the things I've seen here today are outright lunacy.

Like I said in another post, if you don't want a CFL team or Owner Bob and his millions, I can think of a certain CFL city w/o a team that's welcome them ---- well, maybe not with Paopao and Kuani tho. :wink: