Is 50,000 out of the question next week?

with Edmonton 4-0 and Calgary potentially 3-0, the biggest battle of Alberta in a long time looms. I know 50K is a lot to ask but I don't think it is impossible, particularly if they get a good crowd travelling up from Calgary.

I hope so! The teams playing deserve a huge crowd. Will be a great game!

I wouldn’t expect a big Calgary presence due to the fact it’s a Thursday nighter. But 50,000 for the labour day rematch in September which for the first time is on a Saturday instead of a Friday should be a packed house. I think I’ll be rounding up some troops for that one and heading up the QE2.

I think it will be a good crowd, about 35k. They are getting about 30k, so that is a decent jump. No way they get 50k, that just doesn't happen anymore. I think the only reason they get good crowds on Labour Day is because they give away tickets to students.

Right (sarcasm) :roll:

First the Labour Day game is in Calgary not Edmonton. There may be some seats given away, not sure either way but not enough to greatly effect the crowd. If the Alberta teams continue to roll, expect 35,000 in Calgary on Labour Day. 50,000+ in Edmonton a week later.

We'll see, I know our local pub is talking about organizing a bus to go up to Edmonton next thursday. I think it will all depend on whether Calgary wins tonight. Two undefeated teams will be a great selling point. The dilemma now is do I take Friday off or call in sick. Don't be surprised if there is an outbreak of scarlet fever in Calgary in a week.

It must be the Labour Day rematch? Maybe I misread but I had honestly thought they give away tons of tickets to all the highschools. That would be excellent to get 50k+ for a game.

if Edmonton doesn't get 40,000 at least for that game, it will be a disappointing crowd.

Actually I think the reason you’ll get 50,000 plus is because the 50/50 draw wasn’t claimed last game(70K) and the ALGC has allowed them to carry over the jackpot to next weeks game. It’s expected the pot will be over 200K!!!

I read that, it can't hurt but I don't think that will be the reason for the large crowd. The battle for Alberta, the battle for first place, and now the huge 50/50 makes for a great night. I am hoping I can talk the wife into going, if the local pub does run a bus, we just might be on it. May get booted off in Red Deer for wearing Green and Gold on a bus trip out of Calgary though.

Which Calgary pub is running the bus trip? that sounds awesome, not that I can make it but I'd love to know which pub has this big of stamps fans as it's a place I'd attend!

I will check with them and although I can't see them having a problem with free advertizing I will still ask before putting them on this site. There ae many pubs in Calgary that offer game day packages to Stamps home games, I am sure there must be some that will carry this on to Edmonton next week. If not, maybe I will organize something, might have to go incognito though. Being an Edmonton fan living in Calgary is fun but I don't know about the bus ride. 3 hours up isn't bad but 3 hours back to Calgary with a bunch of angry Stamps fan might be dangerous or 3 hours back with humility might be worse.

I take it you'll be one of those 40k

Awesome amount, wow what a difference as here in Toronto we are only talking about a jackpot win around the $5k per game.
From an outsider 50k in attendance is reachable in the city of Champions.

That game should be on ESPN! :stuck_out_tongue:


I took my family to Labour Day rematch game when Hugh Campbell was around. They had a promotion for that game where if a student buys a ticket, the second ticket is free. Well they totally underestimated the promotion. They ran out of tickets on game day. Attendance was well over 62,000.....

So yes, I am going to agree with brad2332, to get over 50,000, they need some kind of promotion.

My guess for this game, 44,000. And yes, the 50/50 draw is already creating a buzz.......

And of course, Edmonton wins....... Vbg.


I think it should have 40K people.

That would be sweet

Just 31k sold as of this morning at 7am.

I would have expected much higher, that would be a disapointment for sure.