Is 4th Place Crossover our best chance?

Fijardo or no Fijardo; Riders will beat the Lions; Lions have surprised everyone but their fast start is slowing down.

here is hoping you are correct...gotta get some better first down options than ALWAYS running up the gut on first down...every D is waiting for that play and then the rookie QB is in tough for second and long or longer. I am not no O-coordinator but i do know you cannot run the same damn 2 plays on first down for 8 games in a row on first down.
Yes, a slight exaggeration but still not too far off reality

The Riders started out really well and just seemed a little gassed. I had no idea Duke Williams was so bad - driver killer. I would cut him.

The game was very entertaining overall. The way CFL should be played.

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Gang Green's Defense was gased, harassed, and smashed thanks to Fajardo's inability to sustain drives in the fourth quarter. His failing knee was making him look very ordinary later on in the contest as it tired and weakened. Dickenson's got to find a way to charge up that offence or his defence is going to suffer the same fate next game.

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At this rate even a crossover is questionable. This team had their lunch money stolen..

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Ouch. They "had their lunch money stolen.."

That's gotta be the LAST straw. :laughing: But seriously, come fall these guys will be healed up and ready to rumble out East for all the beans. I saw it in a dream. Either that or it was scribbled on a bathroom wall, "For a good time call Brenda." Close enough right?

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Well we will have to win at least 5 to make that happen.

Can't see it at this rate.

Our oline is garbage. The dline is garbage but might improve.

Recievers are sub par... a 260k reciever dropping multiple passes.

Can't see it


I just look a little bit to the East and squint. There's a faint greenish glow on the horizon signifiying either swamp gas or Roughriders. Yeah ya, I know. They're BOTH stinky. But one of 'ems going to the Grey Cup. :grinning: :+1:

Good morning,

I think that we just need to give the team time heal up. I do not believe it would be smart to fire someone at this point in the season. Also, I think at this point we may not make the playoffs if we cannot block or run to free up the passing game. However, let's see how we do for the rest of the and then go from there. I am speaking of course from the American CFL Fan standpoint and understand my views may not be accepted by everyone in this forum. Go Riders!

That was not on Fajardo, he was running for his life the last 5 minutes of the first half and the entire 3rd and 4th quarter...
Not to mention the wheels fell off the D that last 5 minutes of the 1st half and were never found


Well if you folks finish 4th and get to the grey cup through eastern would still make one heck of a grey cup winning against Winnipeg.

Those are the kind of stories that become a part of CFL folklore!
(Last 3 games will be completely forgotten)

It looks like 4 wheels have fallen off the green rider machine.... Might also have only been a 3 wheeled car too

I welcome your views.

I disagree on some points, for example I feel that Jason Maas would benefit the team by being elsewhere. But that's just normal debate, which is what this whole forum is supposed to be about.

Glad you're joining in!

ODay dropped the ball big time this past offseason. The Oline was weak last year and the GM did nothing to remedy the situation. And then this year, when we host the Grey Cup of all years, that negligence has been compounded by injuries to the little talent we do have up front.

Maas was given a garbage hand, as the OLine is the heart of any offense. But it is his job to design schemes that work with what he has. Maas has not done this. He has stubbornly clung to a pocket passing offense but doesn't have any protection for said pocket.

I like Fajardo. But let's be honest, he is not Ricky Ray or Anthony Calvillo. His strength is in his mobility and ability to throw on the run. He has not shown an aptitude for quick reads and accurate hot route throws. Yet Maas still insists on calling plays and scemes designed for a Ray style qb, making him a stationary target. Given the O Line weakness, continuing on this path means we should probably stock up on quarterbacks.

On a separate point, if our D is on the field for the bulk of the game, and are getting worn out by the 4th quarter, why are so many of these same guys also out there running their butts off on special teams? That's just sapping their energy further. Since the offense is on the sidelines so much, why not get receivers out there covering kicks instead?

That mediocre O-Line was huge topic of discussion in the off season. I thought for sure that ODay would address that obvious weakness. Looks like he didn't. Hamilton made the same mistake and Evans has taken a pounding... again.

IMHO it's not too late for both teams to insert an import into that starting five. Just sit down the weakest link and use him for backup. Start a Canadian elsewhere.

actually the O-line has been decimated with has the D-line with injury and that asshat who got the 4 games in the sin-bin

Hate to tell you this, but the O Line was bad to start the season, before the injuries. The injury bug only serves to highlight the lack of depth

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