Is 4th Place Crossover our best chance?

Title says it all.

Riders only West team to be beaten by 2 eastern teams.

Could we get out of the west if we even make the playoffs? Or do we have to back into our home GC like an eatern team?


Well I realize your trying to piss people off to reply to your thread I just listened to to the official Rider radio show It is sickening.The Riders arnt playing fair,racism blah blah Football is a tough physical game. If u don’t like the emotion,contact,etc don’t watch it. I love the controversy and the emotion the players put into.Long live the CFL.

Don't know what post you are responding to, since I never said a single one of the things you railed about. Perhaps you should respond to the radio show, since that appears to be what pissed you off.

What I'm saying is that without massive improvements, I'm concerned that this year's Riders may not be good enough to make i past the Western Final and make it to our home Grey Cup.


It will take a double dose of sprinkles for the Riders to win this season. Crossover or not.

Responsibility lies with Jeremy O'Day and Craig Reynolds who both have done a good job but need to go.

I note as a new member on here most don’t want to take responsibility for their posts If you think a loss by the Riders now puts them in a position to maybe make a a crossover your mistaken Thought I had a decent site here moving on.

You do you.

I don’t know if they necessarily need to go, but they do need to find some O Linemen and figure out a way to instill a sense of discipline in the room. Penalties have been a killer this year.

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It looks like a pretty safe bet there will be a crossover again. Unless Ottawa continues being completely arse-useless and the East Division opponents get enough wins that the 3rd place squeaks in.

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If Saskatchewan is the fourth place finisher in the West they'll almost certainly cross over to the East and have a really good chance of winning their way to the Cup.

Then we'd see a series of unlikely 'firsts' occur one after the other.

Saskatchewan would automatically be the first Western crossover team in CFL history to both play in and host their own Championship game while simultaneously representing the another division. Also... no crossover team has ever won the Grey Cup so by doing so Saskatchewan would become the holder that 'first' also. :crazy_face:

Oh you mean UFC not CFL ?
The brainless antics of your team in that game showed just how low a once classy franchise has sunk into the morass of mediocracy. Oops, are you going to throw a helmet at me. Argos not only beat Riders on the scoreboard but in class as well.

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With Edmonton winning their first game this week and only 2 pts behind BC for 4th West... It's anyones game in the West to miss and also get the cross over as well


Right now early in the season the bombers are the best... Close behind and very close is Cowtown and distance behind is the the Riders. Edmonton WILL continue to improve and the jury is still out on BC with a rookie Canuck QB at the helm but he does show promise.
Right now the riders look to be not where they were expected to be.

These saving grace is the west always shakes out to mean you just gotta MAKE the playoffs and you do have a good chance of getting to the GreyCup

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The Rider fans are being too hard on their team. There is no shame in losing to a pretty decent Argo team.
They would have beat the Bombers last week if not for the idiot Argo kicker.
The game was 3 time zones away and Sask players may have had a hard time adjusting.
I'm predicting they will finish 2nd in the west.
Worst than hosting a game in Regina as visitors is having the Bombers in the home locker room and winning!

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Not to mention a very banged up team right now. Down a total of 10 starters last week. Should be getting some guys back soon enough

Our biggest issue is the OL, 5 sacks last game, the most allowed in the league, this needs to stop or we won't even make the cross-over. The rest of the team is great... just those 5 guys... my 2 year old grand son could get past them all.. they are that bad.

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Dan Clarke out long term has hurt the O line


The Oline is used to Fajardo bailing them out with his running ability. Even after him being practically killed last year.
I thought when they signed Campbell a cdn starting tackle, they might go out and sign an american guard to help the line. Instead Campbell is on the bench and Rodgers is racking up penalties.

Long season yet. I think a couple of weeks off for Fajardo would help this team in the long run. I still think they have a good shot to be in the top 3 if they can get some guys healthy again.

Campbell at tackle was probably the plan until they lost St John and then Dan Clarke. Went from okay depth on the oline to none at all pretty quickly

That St. John’s been around a long time, seemsto be injured a lot. Or is that my imagination. I remember him with Jones, he never seen the field, it seems like

You forgot to mention that your 2 year old grand son is 6' 5", 320 lbs and solid muscle. I had a grand son like that and believe me I learned my lesson. NEVER take that kid's pacifier away until he takes up alligator wrestling.